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Fleet Management Software Development: Why Is It Important?

07.02.2023 Katrin Bertano,Xenia Shepard
Fleet Management Software Development: Why Is It Important?


Fragmented data collection is one of the main issues in logistics supply chains. During the delivery process, unexpected situations frequently occur that delay the time of delivery or alter the destination route.

From point A to point B, constant disruptions in the transportation process arise, such as issues with tracking vehicles, invalid data on fuel consumption, misunderstandings with drivers and other unforeseen circumstances.

In fact, the lack of essential information in the logistics process causes poorly organized services and increases the companies’ expenses.

Fleet management software is the solution that optimizes logistics services. It minimizes the interruptions in the transportation process and makes the business run smoothly.

In this article, we will highlight why fleet management software is important by answering the following questions:

  1. What is Fleet Management?
  2. How Does Fleet Management Software Work
  3. What Are The Benefits of Fleet Management Software?
  4. Who Needs Fleet Management Software?
  5. What Kind of Fleet Management Software Do You Need?


What Is Fleet Management?

As the scale of a company’s fleet increases, it becomes much more difficult to ensure the proper workflow of the vehicles and drivers. The quality of services, the speed of delivery, the safety of drivers, and the condition of the means of transportation – all this depends on how the logistics are organized.

Logistics companies face challenges in manually controlling all the systems in their working processes. They are obliged to collect data from every asset to ensure that it is operated by the driver safely and securely and to assess whether it works efficiently.

To keep the businesses running smoothly, companies must permanently monitor the details of each vehicle, such as:

  the speed and kilometrage


  wheels pressure

  wear and tear

  fuel consumption

  direction and the route plan

  the drivers’ health and mood, and other regular tasks.

The intense mental load of the responsibility of organizing services causes human errors. In fact, errors in fleet control lead to financial losses and the company’s low efficiency.

Fleet management is the method of operating and maintaining the fleet to boost the company’s productivity and to generate more revenue.

The global fleet management software market is projected to grow from $20.73 billion in 2022 to $67.38 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 18.3% in forecast period, says the statistics. 

Fleet management software is the solution to automate data collection in logistics processes. It helps to regulate and optimize the processes in a fleet company. It reduces expenses and manages working processes.

Fleet management technology supports the automated maintenance, ease of use and safe monitoring of vehicles over all stages of transportation.


How Does Fleet Management Software Work?

Fleet management software solves problems by collecting data about vehicles and assets through the sensors installed on them, via GPS systems, from any point in the world.

Sensors are embedded on different parts of each vehicle and provide online-accessible information about the efficiency of the vehicle. The software tracks:

Accounting: monitoring expenses to operate within the budget of the company.

Fuel Consumption Control: the sensors collect data on fuel consumption and help reduce fuel spend.

Maintenance: fleet management software keeps the whole maintenance history of each vehicle and sends notifications for handling operations

Real-Time Alerts: thanks to the in-cab sensors, drivers can be notified of unsafe driving behaviors.

Hours Tracking: drivers work according to the built-in electronic logging devices.

Security: fleet managers can observe where the vehicles are and whether the driver worked out of their working hours.


What Are The Benefits of Fleet Management Software?

The expenses that occur during the transportation process may seriously impact businesses. Errors in fuel consumption, engine hours and kilometers traveled may vastly inflate the expenses of a company. All this cause price increases and may prevent a company from beating its competition.

Keeping the business under control is the key benefit of fleet management software.

Let’s look through the other advantages of this software solution.

Remote Control Over The Fleet

Manual maintenance is difficult to manage effectively. Firstly, a software program provides an overview of all the conditions of the fleet vehicles remotely and helps to control them anywhere in the world. Secondly, it allows the managers to track the fleet’s location online and make sure drivers follow their routes.

Boosted Efficiency

Fleet management software provides specifications to the managers, who can use the data to further improve their business. Moreover, managers can share the information with the drivers and help them to improve their deliveries.

Cutting The Costs

Built-in sensors on the vehicles report precise data about the condition of the fleet. The reports made with fleet management software give clear information about each vehicle’s cost to a company. So, it is possible to plan the expenses and analyze the lifespan of each transport.

Vehicles’ Lifespan Prolongation

Fleet management programs track each vehicle of the company using GPS. The sensors are installed on every vehicle and monitor the state of the machine by sending data about the performance of the vehicle via GPS to the fleet manager.

The high performance of a fleet can be prolonged when all its basic needs are under control: tire wear, mileage, oil changes, braking habits, and more.

Increased Drivers’ Safety

The fleet management system tracks the drivers’ behavior so that you can:

  identify who is driving dangerously and who is consuming more fuel

  monitor the drivers’ sleeping hours to understand their fatigue level

  organize additional training for drivers according to their driving practice.

Route Planning

Fleet management systems help to plan the routes, destinations, and distribution of the company’s fleet.

With the help of a route planner tool, it is possible to design the most advantageous routes according to the driver’s availability, weather conditions, traffic, and the distance of locations.

Real-Time Updates

Using fleet management software, managers can track the current location of a vehicle and ensure it follows the plan without direct phone calls. Moreover, the tracking tool helps to understand the situation on the road and to work out a time budget.

Improved Customer Loyalty

The use of a fleet management software system improves customer loyalty.

Thanks to the possibility of live updates, the customer is informed about the status of the delivery and any delays.

GPS tracking and being informed about estimated times of arrival encourage customer loyalty, making the client want to use the company’s services again.

Who Needs Fleet Management Software?

An increase in traffic accidents with passenger vehicles means that fleet safety is critical. Moreover, using connected fleet live data to receive information about current deliveries helps to prevent cargo loss.

Who uses fleet management software? Let’s find out.

Corporate Fleet Companies

These are the companies that have many vehicles that are on a rental basis, such as carsharing, car rentals, aircraft rentals, and more.

The rental costs depend on the rental period, the distance, the type of vehicle, maintenance costs, and many other factors.

Fleet management systems help in specifying the price and will track the vehicles online.

Logistics Companies

Transportation of goods by land, by sea, or by air is vital.

While delivering freight from point A to point B, you need to obtain information about the state of the vehicle, the driver, the freight, and so on.

Fleet management software provides online tracking of the delivery, both for the sender and for the recipient.

Flight and Aviation Companies

There are flight companies with an aviation fleet that belong to the military, civilian aviation, or cargo air service. All the flights, the states of the vehicles, and the locations also need to be regulated and under control.

Fleet management software solves the problem of the maintenance and arrangement of flights and vehicles.

Marine and Shipping Companies

Companies provide services by importing and exporting goods all over the world. There are also shipping companies that deliver bulk items like helicopters, cars, and more by ship for commercial purposes. They also use fleet management systems.

Fleet management is used not only in logistics for long distances, but also in other business spheres that render services by the means of fleets, for example:

  food delivery

  emergency services

  utility companies



  public transportation

  courier and package delivery services.

 So, if your business provides services that involve more than a dozen vehicles, counts more than 15 means of transportation in your fleet, and purchases more than 10 vehicles in a year, it is highly recommended to use fleet management software.

The system will provide you a structured, methodical workflow and will eliminate risks of money loss and help you to avoid unexpected problems.

What Kind of Fleet Management Software Do You Need?

There are plenty of basic fleet management software systems on the market. To choose the best one for your business, you need to consider the fleet management software that not only has the best features, but also the one that will easily integrate your business and other systems and applications.

Easy To Use

The fleet management software should take a minimum of your time to install and learn and should be easy for you to quickly access the needed information.

VironIT’s project managers get in touch with the client and discover all their requirements that their future fleet management software product must have to meet all the client’s needs.


A good fleet management software should integrate into the other systems of your business to improve the smooth operation and efficiency of your business.

VironIT’s development team understands all your systems and applications you work with, so your fleet management software will easily integrate into your business.

Mobile App For Staff

Drivers need to keep in touch, to keep control of their working hours, and to complete their deliveries on time. Fleet management software holds real-time information about the condition of the vehicle, the destination route plan, the location of other drivers, and more.

VironIT’s developers can build a mobile app to complement the fleet management software system.

VironIT is a software development company that has deep experience in the development of software systems, including fleet management software.

You can learn more about how we work by looking through our projects: Air Freight Management Application | VironIT.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us: Contacts VironIT | VironIT.

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