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From The Bat! to Outlook: Quick & Easy Way

22.03.2020 Alexey Grakov
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From The Bat! to Outlook: Quick & Easy Way

No mail client can satisfy the needs of everyone. Despite its cybersecurity defenses, The Bat! is no exception. Common complaints include overload with confusing options and commands. In addition, filtering is not always easy. As a result, many users think of switching to another system, and Outlook is an obvious choice. 

The task, however, is more complex than it seems. Due to the inevitable clash of file extensions, you risk damaging or losing your data for good. Here, an optimal solution is to use dedicated third-party utilities. Software available on ensures source files are converted flawlessly and fast. This is the only way to guarantee accuracy. 

Where Manual Strategies Fail

Unfortunately for users, different mail clients store correspondence in different formats. These are usually incompatible, which leads to complications and risks. If data were stored in a unified way across all systems, life would be easier. Alas, this is not true.

Files from The Bat! must be converted for migration to succeed. Not only do they belong in the MBOX category, but they also present a client-specific variation of the format. Here is how to turn them into PST with guaranteed results.

Three Simple Steps

Automated transfer utilities ensure a smooth, quick, and error-free transition. User participation is minimized. All you need to do is specify the source files and conversion preferences.

Next, let the system do its work. This is a no-brainer! The operation may create a standalone PST file or import data directly into the profile. It is also possible to generate several EML files.

Advantages of Automation

Messages would not be transferred if their content had no value. Thus, it is imperative to ensure complete protection and integrity of data in the process. Automated aids provide the only way to achieve the goal with zero risks.

Flawless conversion of encoding is ensured by the smart engine. When mail folders land in Outlook, they will be assigned the same names as in their MBOX hierarchy. Furthermore, no restrictions on file size apply, and the speed is bound to impress you. 

Do not expect a sophisticated interface. The most efficient tools are single-window solutions. This is only logical, as they suit a single purpose. There is no need for jargon, multiple checkboxes, or other hurdles in the user’s way. 

Even the least experienced client can easily manage the system and achieve the desired result. Their tech-savvy peers may choose from a range of conversion options, fine-tuning the outcome to special needs.


How to Avoid Data Loss 

Do not be misguided by tutorials promising free and accurate transfer between the clients. Since data formats differ, conversion tools are compulsory. Why risk spoiling valuable data, when there is a quick and easy path to guaranteed success?

Migration through third-party utilities delivers convenience and accuracy. The best programs are affordable, easy to install, and lightweight. Download only licensed products from official sources to avoid malware and viruses.

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