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Frontend testing services overview

23.04.2019 Sergey K
Frontend testing services overview

There are a lot of testing tools you can use to test and debug your network application. Most of all platforms provide similar functionality and features, the main differences are in the provided testing devices (emulators, simulators, real devices), mobile testing, live testing support, presence of a free plan and few others. In this article we’ll go through 5 of them:

  • BrowserStack
  • CrossBrowserTesting
  • SauceLabs
  • LambdaTest
  • EndTest


  • Interactive cross-browser features
  • Instant Selenium testing
  • Interactive mobile app testing
  • Automated mobile app testing
  • Covers 2000+ browsers
  • Unlimited testing time
  • Phone software emulation
  • Interactive devices
  • Security and privacy
  • Easy debugging
  • Response time can be slow depending on your network connection
  • No free plan

One of the most popular testing platform. It provides you with an opportunity:

  • to run your cross-browser tests on 2000+ real Android and iOS devices and browsers, including IE, Edge, Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Windows and macOS
  • to test websites hosted on development environments or behind firewalls with zero setups or configuration
  • to debug cross-browser tests on mobile and desktop browsers using pre-installed developer tools
  • instant Selenium testing on desktop browsers, real iOS and Android devices with parallel test running, ease debugging (video recordings, screenshots etc), testing on development environments etc.
  • easy mobile testing with supporting of the different test scenarios (location, device orientation etc), device interactions (tap, scroll, zoom, swipe and more), real-time debugging and different environments (internal development and staging environments)

BrowserStack — it’s a great powerful platform to test your websites on different devices and browsers, it includes a lot of tools and features to make the debugging process easy.


  • Live testing
  • Automated testing $ Selenium testing
  • Visual testing & Screenshot testing
  • Record & Replay
  • Covers 1500+ browsers and real mobile devices
  • Interactive devices
  • Trust & security
  • Simple pricing (all tools and access to all browsers for all subscriptions)
  • Subscription—based service

CrossBrowserTesting offers a cloud-based manual and automated browser test platform based on virtual machines running on real physical devices. It provides a lot of features and tools, including:

  • testing on real mobile devices with scrolling and swiping
  • leveraging native browser debugging tools and consoles
  • recording and tracking network log for performance
  • debugging behind your firewall or proxy with secure tunnel technology
  • Selenium and Appium testing, automated tests trigger in frameworks like Jenkins, Bamboo etc., easy test trigger via REST API
  • Recording videos, capturing network traffic, full-page screenshots across multiple devices and configurations, code changes visual validation, regression testing
  • full access to great developer tools and extensions like Chrome Dev tools, FireBug and more


Sauce Labs

  • Automated Web Testing
  • Live Web Testing
  • Sauce Performance Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Live share functionality
  • A large amount of combinations
  • No automated testing for the life subscription
  • No scheduling service

Sauce Labs is a cross-browser testing platform that provides a wide variety of tools and features.

  • Live and Continuous testing on over 800 operating system and browser combinations
  • Parallel testing across different browsers and OS combinations
  • Recording video and screenshots
  • Browser console logs and network calls
  • Testing across mobile emulators and simulators (~200)
  • Automated Selenium tests
  • Continuous integration support (Jenkins, Bamboo, Circle CI and others)
  • Live share functionality — your website can be tested simultaneously by several users in real-time

Lambda Test

  • Automated Web Testing
  • Live WebTesting
  • Covers 2000+ browsers
  • Cheap pricing
  • Clean, smart and easy to use UI
  • Using real machines and browsers
  • Free subscription plan includes Real-time Browser Testing and AutomationTesting minutes, Screenshots and Responsive tests (limited quantity) and others
  • not found

Lambda Test is a free cross-browser testing tool on Cloud & Selenium Automation testing. Features:

  • Live interactive cross-browser testing of your public or locally hosted websites and web apps on 2000+ real mobile and desktop browsers running on a real operating system
  • Real-time debugging on both desktop and mobile browsers with integrated debugging tools
  • Selenium automation tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud-based Selenium grid
  • parallel testing and faster test execution speed
  • Auto-generated full-page screenshots of your web pages across multiple devices, operating systems, browsers, and resolutions in a single click to perform visual cross-browser testing.
  • Testing responsiveness of your web pages across multiple latest mobile devices and sizes
  • Integration with continuous integration tools (Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis CI, Bamboo etc.) using native plugins.
  • Testing locally hosted web pages
  • Inbuilt issue tracker with test logs
  • Automated screenshots testing
  • Responsiveness testing


  • Web testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Scheduler
  • Backups
  • It’s mostly free to use, including unlimited video recordings
  • Option to export your tests in different formats
  • Easy test creation
  • Limited test suites for the free plan
  • No live testing

EndTest is a Codeless Automated Testing tool. It’s used to automate repetitive tests for the different browsers without having to write code.

  • Fast tests creation, no code-writing required
  • Tests recording with Chrome Extension
  • Screenshots, screenshots comparison
  • Video Recordings
  • Generating Random test data
  • EndTest API
  • Scheduler
  • Real mobile devices
  • Integrations with Jenkins, Circle CI, GitHub, Slack and other

Short comparative table

Platform/Tool Supported browsers and platforms combinations Live testing Automated testing Mobile testing Free subscription plan
BrowserStack 2000+ + + +
CrossBrowserTesting 1500+ + + +
SauceLabs 800+ + + +
LambdaTest 2000+ + + + +
EndTest wide range of platforms, operating systems, browsers and devices’ + + +

Other Platforms and tools:

  • Browser Sandbox (
  • Browserling
  • Functionize
  • BrowseEmAll
  • Experitest
  • Blisk
  • BrowseEmAll
  • TestingBot
  • MultiBrowser
  • Browsershots
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