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How does your website design affect your business?

25.08.2016 Grazh Guzik
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How does your website design affect your business?

Website design is crucial for your business. And while you still think whether you should hire a web development company to make your website relevant or not, your clients are running away and knocking on the door of your competitor. So to stop losing time and money you need to know about the impacts your website has on your business.

 Don’t let the first impression become the last one

We live in the digital age. When your potential client hears about your company, the first place that person would approach is your website. Imagine going on the first date with somebody you thought was a good match for you. If things go terribly wrong with this person, and there’re others out there waiting to go out with you, there’s almost no way you’d call that date back. The same thing happens when clients first visit your company webpage and find their experience unsatisfying. The research shows that around 80% of people have picked one company over another based fully on their websites.

It’s fascinating that 12 years ago just being represented online was more than enough. But we didn’t leave in 2004. Everything has changed, so to keep your business right on track, it might be a good idea to hire professionals who know how to design a website that will work its magic for you.

Precise navigation is a key

You need your website to attract new clients. Now, what happens if a customer finds you and wants to buy your product, but then gets lost on your web page? You guessed it right — the customer clicks the close button and leaves you forever. If somebody wants to buy a product from you, it’s crucial for them to understand how to do so. The numbers speak for themselves: for 95% of people finding what they’re looking for is the most important.

A professional website designer does his web dev job considering user expectations and possible paths they can take on your page. They make interfaces intuitive and easy to navigate. And that is something you absolutely should look for.

Attention to details

Your website might be created with the best web design software and look stunning, but it’s not guaranteed that you will get the best out of it. There has been plenty of research done about how the tiniest details may influence the visitors behavior. Something as basic as the color of a «buy» button might increase or decrease your sales volume by 40%. Experienced website designers know how to direct user’s eyes so that they will focus on the right spot whether it’s the name of your brand or your product.

Content is king

The design is not only about the visual part of your website. It’s also about what’s on it and how it communicates with your customer. Businesses forget about it and make a huge mistake. Your webpage should tell clients how exactly you can solve their problem or fulfill their needs. Your message should be simple and easy to read. Keeping your content fresh and up to date is important as well. When your customers see that the last article on your company blog was posted two years ago, they might think that you only ran out of business. And to be honest, it’s not that hard to keep the information fresh. Lots of the times web development companies also offer support plans for the websites they create.

Know your target audience

Understanding who will buy your product is crucial for marketing. The same goes for your website design. Bright, animated website with playful fonts is good if you’re selling toys to children. It might not work for a car saloon. This example might be extreme, but you got the idea. If your target audience is seniors, it’s better not to use aggressive colors and make your font size bigger and easier to change in a browser if needed. Remember that you cannot please everyone. So if you don’t want to end up with a mess that instead of attracting customers will turn them away from you, it might be helpful to take this into consideration.

Optimization matters

Times, when you had to wait for ages to open your email, have gone. Never the less, not each of your customers has the connection speed fast enough to process additional fonts, videos and high tech animations on your website. Users got impatient nowadays. The research shows that vast majority of them are willing to leave the website if it makes them wait for more than 3 seconds after their action. Your website should be optimized enough to respond to the click of their mouse right away.

You should also keep in mind that more and more people surf the internet using smartphones. If your webpage is not optimized for mobile devices, not only it will be uncomfortable to read the content, but it will also take an enormous amount of data from your customers for nothing, especially if you have pictures with the high definition over there. Users will end up being disappointed in your brand, and it’s not the way you want them to feel.

Buy the best and you only cry once

While not investing in your website development looks like an easy way to save money, with this decision you are putting yourself in a trap with the significant risk of actually losing way more in the foreseeable future. If your website looks unprofessional and out of fashion, your customers might think that is also true about your business. It can also have a long-lasting impression on them. And you are the one in charge to decide what kind of impression you want them to have. Making sure your website is stunning will pay back with the increase in your income.

Your web page is the representation of your brand. Making it aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, functional and satisfying to use will endear clients to your business. Meanwhile, if users find their experience frustrating, they might want to knock on the other door. You don’t want to mess up the customer’s impression of your brand because of the poorly done web design. Your website is a powerful tool. If you know how to use it, it will bring you many clients you could never imagine you might get.

So what’s your opinion on this topic? Share your experience in the comments down below!

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