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How Java helps with developing large projects

16.08.2016 Pavel Сherniavskiy
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How Java helps with developing large projects

Often developers raise the question of which is the best web development language to use – Java or PHP? There is no straight answer to this, as everything depends on what kind of project you are engaged in. PHP is better suited for small projects that need to be done as quickly as possible. If the project is complex, inclusive and works with a lot of data, the preferred choice must be Java. Let’s talk some more about Java language development and its benefits, as well as breaking down the myths about its complexity.

The myth of Java programming difficulty has resulted from the fact that the project has a multi-level tree structure view, as well as including a great number of objects and control algorithms. In fact, it is these seemingly complex attributes that facilitate creation and application support.

A few words about Java

One of the main sources for problems in program development is the improper use of dynamic memory, or rather the incorrect release of previously occupied blocks. Java provides the concept for “garbage collector”. It greatly eases the life of the Java programmer, as they do not have to worry about releasing occupied memory area. The system automatically adds it to the free memory when it detects that there are no more program links to the object.

Besides, Java is a fully object-oriented language. All substances in Java are objects, except for some primitive types. The multiple inheritances were removed in Java, because that often led to “the triangle problem.” It was replaced by interfaces that give many features to the developers without confusing them.

The main advantage of Java is the independence of the platform launching the project. The same code would work equally well under different operating systems.

One cannot fully describe the ease with which Java Virtual Machine juggles flows. JVM is optimized for multi-core machines, so it can easily manage hundreds of flows without any threads. This ability of JVM is essential when creating websites with high traffic. Ruby is one of the modern Java competitors, it has a more living language and syntax, but when developers need productivity, they are hit with JRuby – a Ruby variation that runs on top of Java Virtual Machine.

To create an application programmed in Java, the only development tool you need is Java development kit (JDK). JDK includes a runtime Java, Java compiler and API Java. You can find the latest version of JDK on the Oracle website, and all the necessary information to install and start work. Such technical support is also an advantage of Java.

Since Java is designed for use in a networked or distributed environment, special attention has been paid to security issues. No programming language can provide 100% security, but Sun company is doing its best to eliminate errors in JDK security as soon as possible. Java allows you to create a system which is reliably protected against unauthorized access and virus attacks.

Java pros

Here is a small list of situations that the Java security system prevents:

  • the stack overflow running program, which could result in some viruses;
  • damage to the memory areas that are outside of the space allocated to the process;
  • reading and writing local files while using a secure class loader.

Java cannot but amaze with its versatility! The truth is that it was never the leader of desktop applications, but its language has become one of the most popular mobile operating systems upon which Android programming is based.

Java game development is also worth mentioning. Java games are not premium, but Java provides huge opportunities, a great number of built-in tools and a fast way of writing code.

All of the above validates the developers’ choice of the Java programming language for large-scale projects, in spite of all the myths about its complexity.

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