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How mobile e-commerce contributes to retail in business

12.10.2016 Tatiana Kir
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How mobile e-commerce contributes to retail in business

There are two main targets of modern retail businessmen that will increase the profit and make the work more comfortable. The first one is a constant increase in sales; the second one – a possibility to control the work of the employees and always be in contact with them. Both these targets can be achieved through the implementation of mobile commerce, which has proved its efficiency and works in thousands of companies all over the world effectively.

What is mobile e-commerce

Known also as m-commerce mobile e-commerce is a kind of electronic commerce where all online sales and other transactions are performed with the help of wireless electronic devices including mobile phones, laptops or hand-held computers. There is a variety of transactions that can be made using your phone, for example, and that is why such way of payment can be a perfect means for company owners to develop their businesses. It allows to both: making purchases online and being used for a better communication and control of your staff – consequently, either business owners or ordinary people are interested in the further development of online mobile purchasing that eases the sales process for both parties.

Mobile e-commerce for retail business owners and their employees

Let us consider how mobile commerce can be useful for retail company owners and their staff. Many sales departments of the modern companies are organized in such a way that they consist of office managers and sales representatives with having a big list of responsibilities. All of them are not secured from the human factor and mistakes as well as procrastination. But all these drawbacks can be corrected if you implement mobile e-commerce applications and or any other desktop software in your company’s workflow. By doing so you receive a number of unsurpassed benefits:

  • Control of the work of sales representatives using GPS or geolocation services;

  • Possibility to make alterations to the main itinerary;

  • Automatically processed orders;

  • Availability of checking if there are necessary products in stock and their current cost;

  • Improved merchandise functions;

  • Absence of necessity to buy new equipment for the employees;

  • The setting of additional tasks, etc.

What is needed for such a well-organized work of any sales department? Not much. It is enough to order a high-quality app at our company that will be installed on personal mobile devices of your employees and make some additions and change settings in the computer software used by your office workers. As a result, you will get a coordinated and highly organized work of the department that excludes any cheats or mistakes.


Increased sales or m-commerce tactics

Another great benefit for both business representatives and mobile app users is constantly increasing in popularity mobile purchases. According to m-commerce statistics mobile shopping comprised one-third of all e-commerce last year and with the ultimate rise in popularity of tablets it may reach 50% in the nearest future. That means that businesses focused on retail shopping should not lose their “golden mean” and must order premium apps for main modern platforms if they do wish to attract more new clients. Our company has dealt with apps development for a long time and we have come to the conclusion that a high-quality app for retail business must offer:

  • A variety of transactions to be performed with their its help;
  • Geolocation function for individual approach to every new client and increased conversion rate;
  • An effective notification system for better marketing strategies;
  • One-click functionality like ‘instant buy’ button, for example for quick decisions;
  • Help for users in filling in forms;
  • Provision of alternative actions for transaction finishing;
  • A user-friendly and not overloaded interface;
  • Right sorting of the products with the call to action messages etc.

If you realize the importance of starting a mobile eCommerce website or creating apps and software that will boost your business perspectives, our company is always ready to help you. We have much experience in developing similar platforms and know for sure how to make mobile commerce not only comfortable for users but also highly profitable. Our professional developers take into account the requirements and wishes of our clients and implement them in life. It is obvious that business depends greatly on a high-tech development and if you keep up with Johnsen’s and continue to develop, it will get more successful and profitable each day.

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