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How Much Does it Cost to Create a Real Estate App

25.06.2020 Victoria Daneeva,Christina Kovalevich
How Much Does it Cost to Create a Real Estate App

Today, making use of technology brings business to success and helps to solve various issues like poor document, time, or client management. In this article, we will list the benefits that a real estate business can get from developing a real estate application. How much does it cost to create an app for your real estate business, and estimate top-rated apps.

Real Estate App Benefits

Every real estate business has its own issues, strengths, and weaknesses. Real estate app development can solve many of them. Not to drift away from the topic, we will highlight only the top-notch of them.

Brand Recognition

A good real estate app increases brand visibility among investors, agents, and property finders.

Improved communication

An app that provides users not only with property listings but also excellent means of communication can increase successful conversions several times.

Simplifies The Buying & Selling Process

A well-designed and developed app can make the whole buying & selling process a lot easier. Especially if users can customize things like search and some core functions according to their needs.

It is very important and appealing when a user can have things done in a few clicks. Find and check out the property, arrange calls and meetings with real estate agents. Or it may be software for counting leads and storing information.

Availability for customers 24/7

Customers appreciate the availability of services 24/7. A customer wants to get all the information without the necessity to contact an agent and wait for a response. A customer will also like that all the issues within the app can be solved at any time.

Some other advantages of real estate mobile apps:

  • One of the best ways of marketing a real estate business.
  • Increase of the customer base.
  • Huge tool for marketing a real estate business in app stores.
  • A way to promote listings and agents or staff profiles.

Types of Real Estate Apps

Lead Management Apps

Lead Management or Customer Acquisition Management is a set of strategies, practices, and procedures to bring new customers for a business. Lead Management Tools are applied by small and big companies and can be developed according to specific needs of a real estate business.

According to Hubspot research, you can see what are the best marketing challenges of other companies.

real estate lead generation

And here are the benefits of Lead Management for a business:

  • Increased lead processing efficiency.
  • Lead tracking.
  • Fostering leads.
  • Sorting out lead stages.
  • Identification and statuses attachments.
  • Defining workflow.
  • Marking active leads.
  • Real-time reports, forecasts, and data storage.
  • Better communication within a team.

Property Management Apps

Property management apps help landlords, agencies, house managers and companies follow leases and residents. With an app, real estate professionals can also upkeep maintenance tasks, and manage finances to optimize costs and operations.

Account Management Apps

Accounting apps play an important role in real estate. This software helps to automate all the payments, track invoices, and other finance-related tasks. With an accounting app, you will keep all finances in order and can focus on other things that require more attention.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Real Estate App?

Of course, there are many factors that influence real estate app development cost. But we want to focus on numbers more.

But before you dive into the cost examples, remember that they’re approximate and the final cost depends on the specific needs, a number of users, and features.

  • A very basic and simple app for a real estate startup will cost $20,000-$25,000
  • Mid-Business Custom App will cost you around $50,000
  • And a Large Business App cost will start from $80,000

Our team also estimated top-rated real estate apps of different purposes: buying&selling, property management, and account management.

1. Zillow


Zillow is the leading real estate marketplace in the USA. The system provides users with the full lifecycle of buying, selling, and renting properties. Its database consists of more than 110 million homes in the US.

Some core features of  the app are listed below:

  • Listings and constant updates.
  • 3D Home Tours.
  • Self Tour for Zillow-owned homes, with no appointment and no pressure.
  • Valuation tool to make calculations.
  • Various filters for school districts, views, pricing, pets, HOAs, and more.
  • Co-shopping: tag favorites and share it with your partner.
  • Push notifications about new properties on the market, sales or drop in price.
  • Neighborhood: restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and coffee shops.
  • Access to Zillow Premier Agents.
  • Pricing details to compare homes & apartments for rent.
  • A personal renter profile.

An app like Zillow will cost $53,000–$70,000, and optional costs like QA, UI/UX design, Business Analysis $7,000–$10,000.

2. Redfin


Redfin is a map-based home search for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.

Some of the app’s most popular features:

  • Fully customizable search.
  • Various filters like by price, property type, criminal level, and school district.
  • Push notifications with new homes.
  • Tag favorites and get an access to your account from anywhere.
  • Search by School.
  • Book free tours with Redfin real estate agents.
  • Plan open house visits.
  • Share favorites via text messages, emails, and social media.
  • Gain Exclusive Insights.
  • Get the latest data on sale prices of nearby homes in most markets.

An app like Redfin will cost around $60,000 including optional costs.

3. Bigger Pockets

bigger pockets

Bigger Pockets in an app for real estate investors. This community has more than 1,600,000 mln members. The company’s goal is to help people with education in all aspects of real estate and real estate investing. Bigger Pockets has tools that help to process data. Other tools help with making deals, marketing, and other activities. Also, with this app a person can enhance real estate knowledge.

To create an app like Bigger Pockets will cost $40,000–$50,000. Optional QA, UI/UX design, and business analysis are included.

4. Buildium


Buildium is the largest property management services network on the Internet. The company provides pay-per-lead ads solution for real estate companies. The app can connect you with property owners in your area, and has real time lead management tools.

Here are the key features of the app listed below:

  • Tasks and works order management
  • Receive payments on the go
  • Get property information
  • View tenant, owner, and vendor information
  • Ability to call, text, or email contacts from your phone
  • View locations on maps, and get directions
  • Upload photos from your phone’s camera

To create an app like Buildium you’ll need about $90,000. QA, UI/UX design, and business analysis optional costs are already included.

5. FreshBooks


FreshBooks is all about invoicing and accounting. With this app a user can forget that any payment can be missed out. Everything is easy to track or get a reminder. This is what the app includes: invoicing, payable accounts, expense and time tracking, purchase orders, payroll integrations, double-entry accounting, and industry-standard business.

The key features are:

  • Customizable Invoices
  • Payment Reminders
  • Automatic Late Fees
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Received Invoices
  • Deposits
  • Preview Before Sending
  • Multi-Currency Billing
  • Multi-Language Invoices
  • Duplicate Invoices
  • Automatic Tax Calculations
  • Tax-Friendly Categories
  • Remembered Vendors
  • E-Signatures
  • Review and Accept Estimates Online
  • Easily Convert Estimate to Invoice
  • Bill For Tracked Hours
  • Daily Breakdowns
  • Team Time Tracking
  • Chrome Extension
  • File Sharing
  • Project Conversations
  • Automatic Payment Recording
  • Automatic Expense Recording
  • Recurring Payments and Auto-Bills
  • G Suite

An app like FreshBooks development will cost more than $90,000 including QA, UI/UX design, Business Analysis.

What Affects the Real Estate App Development Cost?

As it was mentioned above, there are several aspects that influence the custom app development price. What are they?

  1. Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, or both.
  2. Project scope.
  3. Hardware costs, including AR and VR equipment.
  4. The total number of screens (app pages).
  5. Application design.
  6. Access to the device camera, voice, or other media.
  7. Number of features and API integrations (payments, calendars, calls, messaging system, social login, sharing)
  8. Customization level (how many things should be fully or partially customizable)
  9. Target audience (amount of users).

Real Estate Apps We Developed

For you to trust us, we have reviewed our portfolio in the real estate sector and prepared a list of successful VironIT projects in this area. Below you will see the result of a skillful combination of the latest technology and the right business approaches to the collaboration process.

VR Real Estate Portfolio

VR Real Estate Portfolio is a mobile app that offers to have a VR tour of the projects using virtual reality glasses
or 360° views. To use it, you should sign up, log in, and enter a private project’s code. Before viewing, you can
have a look at the project plan and pick a particular room to visit. Real Estate Portfolio features:

  • a virtual tour where you can set the style, room, and daytime
  • AR tour using your smartphone camera in the app
  • add videos and pictures of projects to let the customers have a holistic picture in mind
  • upload a floorplan for every project
  • hide the projects you don’t want to share and set a private code to provide access to them

In addition, you can share the media with your colleagues to find out their opinion even if they don’t have the app
installed on their devices.

VR Real Estate Portfolio

Real Estate Software

This is a mobile application for real estate customers that use our client’s specialized software that was previously
available only for the web and desktop. It allows users to access all the features related to properties, projects,
and events both online and offline using nothing but their smartphones. Besides, the app offers:

  • the ability to view their properties on a map or in a list
  • meeting schedule
  • contacts management
  • phone calls management
  • possibility to share documents
  • synchronization of events with their iCloud, Microsoft Office, or Google accounts
  • support of multiple languages

Real Estate Software

Apartment Showcase App

Apartment Showcase App is an application that helps construction companies to demonstrate buildings under construction. The app is designed to provide the following information:

  • the company’s goals
  • its philosophy
  • the company’s history
  • finished projects
  • current projects
  • future projects

The users can also view all the features and properties of completed projects and see their high-end images and other multimedia.

Apartment Showcase App

Real-time 3D Product Configurator

Real-time 3D Product Configurator is an app created for those who make design projects for the house improvements. This application can be used to demonstrate the projects to the customers as it is compatible
with laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. Real-time 3D Product Configurator allows users to:

  • use existing objects from a standard library
  • create custom 3D objects
  • use AR feature to add 3D objects to the photos and set scale, sun position, and surface to make it lifelike
  • configure objects down to the very last detail
  • view the project from different points

The app creates realistic light effects with right reflections, shadows, and textures to let the customer immerse in a virtual environment instantly.

Final Words

Remember that the final cost depends on many factors. And if you want to get better or more detailed information about how much it will cost to create your real estate app, you can contact our sales department and get a free quote.

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