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How SalesForce technology projects operate in modern business sphere

19.08.2016 Alexa Klimow
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How SalesForce technology projects operate in modern business sphere

The world of business has always been shaky to the point that it’s sometimes simply impossible to predict what will happen next. The modern world sees this year many unpredictable things that happened already, for example, British Brexit or is to happen and by this I mean the whole mystery about U.S. elections. Whoever becomes the next president of the United States it will bring change and business are in the front line to experience it.

When we talk about business generally we usually mean sales. And having sales trying to perform in unknown surrounding could not be the best way out. Panicking corporations could jump into new markets or start making predictions that will lead the whole sales down. In such situation, your sales productivity should be as stable as never. Together with uncertainty the XXI century has also brought us many technologies and one of the prominent in the field of sales is salesforce technology.

Salesforce technology is a new type of CRM that is parading with its head up for the last 10 years around the worldwide business world. It’s a helping hand in the world of vague. The best answer to the question what is salesforce technology is that it’s an innovative way to perform team cooperation on all possible levels thus giving an opportunity for the company ( not only for software developer company but also for digital marketing agency, etc.) to switch from defense to offense type of having a business talk. Salesforce technology brief overview includes powerful analytics and greatly advanced automation. One more point to its sky-high level of usability is that salesforce technologies are cloud based. There is nothing to install and wait for updates every couple of months. The company simply goes online and creates its own powerful infrastructure of great management.

Implementation of this technology lets your company:

  1. Perform more personal custom interactions

The first rule to surviving for a company is to sell more than never. There are two basic way outs, either to hire more new people (sometimes those are youngsters lacking experience) or to make sales faster. Salesforce technologies go together with automation processes and eventually your sales activity will bound to increase.

Just to give you some examples of what salesforce technology does we could mention automated email and call scheduling. The new technology leaves no space for mistakes that could happen on every level of this vertical; it simply makes the whole process work.

The other side of sales automation is that it takes much of routine off your employees as there is no need to go through the pile of documentation and they could spend more time working individually with the clients. All the schedules for email templates creation, group email formation, and call routine will be smoothly done and the whole sales department will be operating faster and more efficiently.

  1. Go deep into analysis

With the salesforce CRM system implemented into your business, there is no need to navigate your business solely based on your intuition and instinct. The technology uses powerful analytics to indicate what processes the company is dealing with are. Having your pipeline built on this analytics is essential.

Every single step your reps perform should be thoroughly planned and evaluated. Salesforce technologies are ready to calculate it and help you with a better understanding of what is going on every level of your pipeline. If you would like to get insights on the daily basis, you simply program it as the point is to make it happen regularly.

Profound computer-based analytics could show your reps what steps have to be taken. It’s important to get a real-time view of the whole situation and be ready to make the beating decision. Of course, your sales people management could be coached to react appropriately to the so-called business ‘power cut-off’ but again it’s quite a money involving issue. And you should also take into consideration that these trained specialists couldn’t stay with your company forever but the salesforce techniques you implement once will be.

  1. Find the real origin of the problem

You never know how much time you team spend on working through possible business solutions that match the present situation perfectly. But if the economy is getting slow you don’t have this time anymore, every working hour should be valued.

Salesforce analytics help to cope with the prioritizing side. It could predict which leads are more engaging for you and are beneficial in the long run. You won’t believe, but the right technique could lift up connect rates up to 35%. It means more qualified leads and bigger pipeline.

  1. Getting closer to the customers

Salesforce technology also helps you understands clients’ needs better. Not many reps understand it and that’s why they are quite reluctant to use such technologies. Nowadays it’s absolutely possible to create Omni-channel communication with the clients. Stay connected through cloud technologies built-in platforms. The majority of them are eager to collaborate and manage every aspect of your client support quality. Just give this chance to your customers, look them in the face and let them live the story of your company together.

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