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How to launch and validate your Business Idea with a Website?

09.09.2016 Nasta Loban
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How to launch and validate your Business Idea with a Website?

Do you have a business idea that you want to share with the world and then turn it into a profitable business? But how to let people know about your idea and make them like it? And how will you know whether someone will be ready to pay for this idea? Certainly, you need to address to an audience. The best way to do it is to create a website for business. By launching it, you will be able to get data of your idea saleability and know whether people are interested in it. Finally, you will have an email list of people to contact once you have launched your business. In other words, if you want to avoid wasting time and money on developing your ideas and trying again and again, just validate your idea with a website. Validating helps to find out whether somebody wants to buy a product or use a service before you spend time and money building it. For example, you have decided to run a café: you have rented premises, bought all the necessary equipment, and hired staff. But, there are not so many clients. The reasons may hide in a menu. Or you are a beginning photographer, and you want to get more customers. Then you may create your website portfolio, so people could look it through and give you feedbacks or make orders for photo shoots. To avoid some business problems at the start and find out what your clients want, you may get first a pre-test of your business by website development.

Now there are a lot of tools that will help you to attract viewers to your business website.

So, let`s have a look at the key points of website development:

  1. Content

The first step is creating content that perfectly describes your business idea. Determine UPV (Unique Value Proposition) as it is vital to validate your business idea. UPV is a phrase or some sentences. As for the whole content of the website, it includes a headline, a call to action (like “enter your email to be notified when we launch”), a beautiful background image and pictures of at least a prototype of your idea. You should persuade your potential customers that your idea is innovative.

  1. Landing page

Find and buy a domain name. Registration in DNS takes from 3 hours to a week. Then set up a pre-launch page (or even a whole website) via a web development company.

  1. Traffic

To make your business idea popular and well known, you will need to attract traffic to your website. So, invest your time and creativity in generating a compelling message that will help to drive viewers to your website. By the way, social networks are the most powerful tool for attracting people, so just make posts about your website, create communities and use this information channel.

  1. Results

Finally, you need to evaluate the traffic. Of course, it is impossible to validate your idea completely. If the total number of your website visitors is more than 250, and your conversion rate (percent of visitors who signed up) is over 75%, then your business idea was validated with a conservative sample size.

You do not have to be an IT expert to launch a website. You can apply to our web development company, and we will help to launch and implement your business idea. VironIT has a huge experience in web development from simple websites to challenging web-projects. VironIT services have a range of benefits in comparison to other web development companies:

  • it helps to save money on installation since web applications are installed on a server and so, there is no need to configure each computer;
  • it provides fast information updating;
  • it helps to accelerate all data due to a centralized storage, so risks of data loss are minimum;
  • it provides simultaneous access to a variety of data for a lot of viewers.

VironIT website development includes following steps:

  1. Project development. At this stage, our development team develops requirements specification subject to the latest IT tendencies and also evaluates costs and time for a work.
  2. Design development. Our development team develops interface and content of a future website subject to business aims and tasks.
  3. Navigation development. We understand that your website should be easy to use and make it so.
  4. Testing and quality assurance. Our developers test a website for bugs and fix it.
  5. Website integration and support. We cooperate with our clients in case they want to add or change something.

Your personal website will help you to interview your clients somehow to know what they would like to change. It is an important part of a successfully running business. Feedbacks will help you make better business decisions. So, generate questionnaires, call your clients, write emails, etc. Once you have validated customer problems, try a variety of solutions with landing pages with the help a web development company. So, validation is the must if you want to launch your own business and we are here to give you a solution.

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