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Case Study: A huge platform for 200+ sites as an answer how to sell tickets online by the more proper way

13.10.2016 Margaret Geras
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Case Study: A huge platform for 200+ sites as an answer how to sell tickets online by the more proper way

Haven’t you ever asked yourself how to sell tickets online in the more proper way? We’ve implemented this idea. Our novelty is about to be accomplished. The project represents a big base of addresses, proposals, and has personal cabinets for users who replace their sites here. As our programmer said:

‘We develop a huge, very huge system.’

Core audience

The core audience is entertainment companies, catering business, event agencies, etc. The platform helps them to sell tickets to London and New York theatres, attractions, workshops, book a table in restaurants and catch the discount in outlets. In fact, the platform is like a coupon site where people can buy tickets to different presentations, shows and purchase gift vouchers.

The project was really huge. Almost 30 persons worked on it.


We suggested an opportunity for companies to create its site with own branding or not within this platform. Through the personal area, the company gets access to the dashboard and site administration where then the user’s console allows to change another template and design.

Technological implementation

The functional part of the project based on the cloud structure using Memcache and the information is updated through API. That, in the aggregate, gives more protected platform management.

The administration panel consists of two sites: one is created on Drupal 7, another one – on CMS. Such approach allows splitting the responsibility. So, CMS reply for editing and publishing parts. And the site on Drupal keeps the main administration. The customization panel for affiliates was written in Angular.

Besides, we wrote the script that switches the working process itself for Macintosh and Windows, making it available for both popular operating systems.

Affiliate sites shown on the platform are replicas of the official websites – they are branded and has the same corporate symbols.

The project development has still lasted for a half of the year. We’ve completed the first phase and are about to begin the second one. There will be more than 200 affiliates on the second stage.

So, eventually, we got a platform that answered the customer’s question ‘How to sell event tickets online’. Here, users could find anything for their amusement, and sellers will be able to fit their preferences.

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