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IT as a new paradigm of business

03.08.2016 Nasta Loban
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IT as a new paradigm of business

Now the world of business is changing rapidly. Digital and cloud technologies are transforming modern markets. Therefore, companies have to search new ways to interact with clients and to be competitive. In order to succeed in the digital age, businesses should learn how to adapt to unpredictable changes, which take place each day. So the question is ‘What and how to change?’ A new wave of IT innovations sets new strategic challenges for businesses.

Breakthrough technologies have completely changed our life for the past 10-15 years. The Internet, Wi-Fi, digital content and smartphones have transformed methods of getting information, the way of communication and the speed of decision-making in business. Production – Logistics – Sales: what will change this chain for the next 10 years? Let`s have a look at some IT-trends in business.

  1. Cloud services

The use of highly scaled and automated IT platforms (known as cloud services) is growing rapidly. Cloud services are a friendly-using virtual environment for storing and processing information. This environment consists of hardware, software, communication channels and help desk. Cloud storage gives an access to information from wherever you are and whatever device is. Companies are building and managing private cloud environments internally (and, in some cases, procuring access to external public clouds) for basic infrastructure services, development platforms, and whole applications.

  1. Big Data

Big data is the dynamic, large and disparate volumes of data created by people, tools and machines. It means work with high-volume information gathered from different sources (social media, internet-enabled devices, video and voice recordings, etc.) in order to increase effectiveness, create new products and to create the competitive edge. Forrester consulting firm gives a short definition of big data:

“Big data unites techniques and technologies, which derive sense from data at the extreme practice level.”

According to IDC agency`s research, the volume of technologies and big data market will reach $41.5 bn. In order to be effective, companies should understand what insights they need to make good strategic and operational decisions. A key success factor for companies is the availability of relevant information at the right time.

  1. Location detection technologies

Global IT-development is accompanied by active computerization and automation of inside and outside business processes. Such affairs also concern transport and logistics service market. Implementing RFID-technology gives consumer goods companies a number of benefits. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) — is a rapidly developing technology, which helps to conduct non-contact information transmission. RFID systems are made up of readers and “smart tags”— microchips attached to antennas. When the tag nears a reader, it broadcasts the information contained in its chip. Data transferred by the “smart tag” help to identify an object, its location (with a collaborative usage of GPS), its specification etc. RFID provides ample opportunities for applying automatic systems in production, in supply chains and warehousing, in retail, in access control and payment systems and in other spheres of modern life. Having accomplished RFID integration into Information Control Systems and Technologies, companies can automate Big Data collection and processing.

  1. 3D printing

3D printing becomes more and more popular. So each year people all over the world can go to France and visit an exhibition of 3D printed things. For example, leFabShop has created unique 3D printed clocks, toys, lampshades. Due to 3D printing designers have an opportunity to create brand new things. Ideas of 3D printing are also used in medicine. For example, 3D printing is used for creating different body parts. 3D printing made a revolution in the sphere of hearing aids. By the way, 3D Systems Corporation and Ekso Bionics Holding have developed a 3D printed suit for paralyzed Amanda Boxtel.

In the current global business environment, IT is a powerful tool to improve corporate decision-making and help to gain a competitive edge. These “smart” tools can make processes more efficient, give products new capabilities and promote business to the new level.

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