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Key features of a successful mobile app

31.10.2016 Alexa Klimow
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Key features of a successful mobile app

Developing a mobile application each company or individual think how to make mobile app features attractive for a user apart from taking into consideration any business requests. There is usually a separate department of specialists, who analyze the market, do surveys, look for the functions that are preferable etc. At the same time, such an app shouldn’t follow behind from its nearest competitors, that is why the consideration ofkey mobile app characteristics for it to be successful is a must. Here are some features every quality mobile app should correspond with:

  1. Purposefulness

Each newly developed app should answer the question: why was it created? This is its main purpose of its development as well as a reason for users to download it. It is important to remember that nice interface will attract people to look at it for the first time, but if there is nothing to fulfill practical issues, it is likely to be deleted in the nearest future. Another thing to evaluate is the problem solved by this application: problematic approach was the basis of many new discoveries and the problem must be formulated at the initial stage of planning.

  1. Target audience

Another important question to ask at the initial stage of app development is: who is this app made for? Determination of target audience is not less important as it may set the pace for the design and functionality of the future app. Only imagine how different will be applications for pre-school kids and teenagers, busy people and elderly ones – both building and marketing procedures will also vary greatly. For this purpose, it is necessary to conduct a research who is going to use your mobile application before actual development.

  1. Ease of use

According to the research, more than a half of people would delete an app if they do not understand how to use it at first sight. Consequently, a user-friendly interface, both comfortable and simple, is the first priority of developers. Appreciating the ease of app use there is hardly anyone, who will wish to switch to another example then. Despite the fact, how functional the application is – it is always better for a developing company that each vital function could be delivered as simply as possible. It is a key to mobile app success and popularity!

  1. Personalization and adaptation

One of the best desired mobile apps features is a possibility to adapt a regularly used application to your personal requirements. Not every person is ready to get used to standard settings and if you do really want clients to use your creations on a regular basis it would be right to offer them choice – even such trifles as colors, fonts, sizes, flexible settings may be winning when choosing among your competitors, so never forget about details even in the large project.

  1. Security

Security is of utmost importance for every mobile application, especially if we mention banking, money or some vital personal passwords. Any leaks of such information will lead to the immediate deletion of the application as well as not very good feedbacks. It is a number one issue to consider when developing a mobile app.

  1. Integration of popular social networks and sharing

Modern dependence on the social networks requires the developers’ attention to this issue. Many people got used to showing off their achievements in the social networks and some of them display everything worth attention to their mind. It is important to allow users to share the content by simple button pressing. Moreover, it will be a kind of marketing strategy for the product too.

  1. Presence of regular updates and support

Using one or another key mobile app each person can catch himself on the thought that one day he or she will need something new or updated as the world changes every minute. The same thoughts should occur to the developers of the apps as they must always speed up time in order to be trendy and required. That means that regular updates and round the clock support would be one of the reasons that will prevent your users from changing apps.

  1. A possibility to use an app offline

Despite the fact that the Internet access is available almost everywhere now, some people wish to disconnect it. Constant incoming notifications, advertisement and other annoying things make people use the Internet not so often, so a possibility to use a downloaded application without the Net access will be a great benefit either for people, who have no connection or for those ones, who are exhausted with it.

  1. Performance speed

There is nothing more frustrating for every user than situations when your device does not respond. Next time each person will think twice before starting or downloading the application that makes the phone, for example, hang. If there are any difficulties with loading more than 50% of people will stop using the app less than in 5 seconds. At the same time, numerous feedbacks mentioning problems will also prevent people from making tries. Is this marketing policy worth your efforts?

  1. Choice of the platform

When a developer decided to create a product, one of the main aspects to consider is a platform or platforms it will work on. There are many operating systems now, but to make your creation successful it is necessary to choose the most popular platforms (e.g. Android, IOS) and do your best for this app to work well on the selected one. Another issue is to perform thorough testing before the official release of the product.

  1. User-centered

Having determined the target audience, it is not less significant to involve your future users into the development process and attentively listen to their wishes and advice. Such actions will allow you to make the design and functionality of the app more user-focused and consequently, the benefits of your product will spread on the grapevine attracting more new app users.

  1. Contact with the developers and feedbacks

Finishing with important mobile app features it is necessary to mention that each product must be evaluated. The same viewpoint exists among the users of such applications. Many people desire to speak up their mind according to one or another point as well as share their viewpoints about different issues. A contact with the developers or a possibility to rate an app is a good solution to be aware of the facts that please or, vice versa, disappoint people in the product. It will help to bring it to perfection, for sure.

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