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Minimalism VS Maximalism in web design. How to design a website your business need?

24.08.2016 Grazh Guzik
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Minimalism VS Maximalism in web design. How to design a website your business need?

While minimalistic website designs are really popular nowadays, there’re situations where maximalism works better for your business or Vice Versa. And it’s up to you to decide what kind of web page you want your web development company to build for you. Here’s some information to take into consideration.

Minimalism in Webdesign

Let’s start with minimalism. This kind of web dev style is more popular in the western part of the world, especially in European countries. Its central principle is basically omitting everything you possibly can and only keeping the most necessary parts. Minimalistic websites don’t look like they have an overload of information on them, but in the meantime, they do have enough of it for users to find what they were looking for.

  1. White space

The noticeable feature that website designers will add on your minimalistic page is lots of white space. It basically means that your users will have enough air to breath because the page will not look cluttered and provide a place for the user’s eyes to only pay attention to the points you want them to focus on. They also are less likely to get a headache from the variety of colors and patterns screaming at their face.

  1. Limited amount of colors

Even though modern website design software helps designers to put together lots of gorgeous color combinations that don’t overpower each other, it’s not so much the case in this web development process. You will definitely not see a burst of colors on any minimalistic website. There are a few different color scenarios that might take place. First one is neutral and comforting palette. It can also be a monochromatic palette. The other possible option is a black and white page with a little pop of color that adds some accents on the page.

  1. Stunning typography

If you’re wondering how to design a website that doesn’t have too many colors and patterns and yet able to draw your customer’s attention, here’s the answer. The typography itself is likely to be the element that makes the minimalistic website look unique. Even though often times straightforward and clean fonts will be used during the website development process, your website designer can add artistic typography details that might make your website look like a piece of art.

The pros of minimalism

Minimalistic websites are trendy and with that kind of design your company will look like it knows what’s the mainstream right now. With its vast amount of white space and ability to place accents where you need them to be, it is easier to focus your customers on particular things like your products or your advantages. Plus it can look very classy and elegant if that’s what you and your brand are looking for.

The cons of minimalism

Even though minimalism is great, it might not work for every business. Depending on your product and your target audience, you might want to make your website more colorful, bright, rich and full of details. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You can’t sell 150 types of sugary breakfast cereal on a black and white website, it just won’t work. Another thing is that you can’t really place so much content on a minimalistic website, especially long text descriptions, dozens of hot offers and other things. So if you want to have those options, you ought to look at the alternatives.

Maximalism in web design

There’s another squad of website designers out there who believe in «more is more» approach to web design. They love the variety of colors, patterns, fonts and other visual elements maximalism gives them. And the truth about maximalist websites is that they don’t necessarily end up looking tasteless. It does take a lot of knowledge and skills to keep it look professional though. But the results are often impressive.

  1. Fill all the space you can

While minimalists are dying to get rid of as many things as possible to keep the page clean, maximalists are using every inch of canvas to create a complex and engaging piece that would keep your eyes on it trying to figure out all the connections the elements have between each other.

  1. Vivid colors

What maximalist designers love to do is to work with a numerous amount of colors. They are not afraid to experiment with different shades and combinations. The are the color wheel pros who know how to draw your attention to their work and ignore thousands of other ones.

  1. Mix and match

Maximalist web designers love to play with different patterns and fonts. Even though it is very difficult to make the result look harmoniously, there’re loads of examples out there to prove that it’s totally possible. And if your customer sees that flawless combination, there’s a high chance it will stay in their head for a long time.

The pros of maximalism

If you lean towards maximalism in web design, you can totally go for it. There’re so many typical web pages out there with simple hierarchy and the same fonts, that going in another direction with yours might actually make you stand out and bring more customers. Another thing is that it can really fit the style of your brand and your product, and in this case your target audience will be satisfied with it.

The cons of maximalism

You can only trust the professional web designer with creating maximalist web page, otherwise you might end up with a flashy tasteless website that won’t do your business any good. Another thing is that users now are used to visiting simple and clean websites that some of them might not like any complicated visuals on your page. It is also very specific to your product and like with the minimalism might not suit every company.

But the greatest thing about it is that you are free to choose the style you like the most. It’s really about what your business represents and what you stand for. Want your website to have details, patterns, and mix of colors or maybe you think it’s better for your page to look simple and clean? You are the only judge here. And each style has it’s own features. So are you a fan of minimalism or maximalism in web design? Share your opinion with us!

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