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Neural network: why it is so necessary to use it in IT development? 

29.08.2016 Dmitriy Smuschenko
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Neural network: why it is so necessary to use it in IT development? 

Have you ever thought about not being a typical developer and working with interesting projects?   Neural network studying will help you to get the job in every software development company!

A little insight into history

Neural network properties were studied in early  1960th.  Scientists worldwide were interested in exploring this groundbreaking new area of study. Neural network provides scientists with the ability to look deeply into mental processes.  Unfortunately, at that time people didn’t have enough resources and abilities to lift it up on a new level. Our generation was proud to honor solving this task.  Thanks to the last century’s scientific research, we now have enough information to evolve neural network.

How it works

To complete understanding what’s neural network means, let’s make a statement on our main subject. The neural network (or Artificial neural network) is a mathematical model, based on the functioning of the human nervous system. It involves the investigation and simulation of processes in the brain. Schematically, the neural network presents a graph that has connections (edges) and neural cells (centers).

The neural network has certain features in common with the brain. You are probably aware that the brain can evolve by studying systematically, and ANN works on the same principle. Here’s an example to show how it works: imagine we have a neural network that needs to know how to perceive the letter “A.” We inject some variables of letter “A” with different prints, sizes, etc. and run it to our neural network perhaps two thousand times. After that, we test our project by showing to our system a picture of the letter “A”, drawing it on the wall.  As you can see, the task is to teach ANN a specific skill (perceiving the letter “A”) and then use it according to user needs.

Neural network and IT

ANN is widely used in medicine, economics, the internet and other spheres. For example, currency rate or the process of identifying a person by their fingerprints would be impossible without this fascinating and useful system. In IT and development neural network has begun to expand in all directions.  However, web development is one of the most popular branches in IT that has experienced the influence of ANN. It will be very important to stop and look at this more carefully, to see where we can detect agile development and how ANN influences the software development life cycle.

All big companies like Microsoft, Google and IBM use the neural network. Without ANN, many of those companies’ key features, which are based on this technology, would never be embodied in life. Can you imagine your life without web   Providing you have a good understanding of ANN, you can avoid writing endless lines of code, thus resolving problems faster and easier. So, if you have been dreaming of working at Facebook for a long time, start learning neural networks immediately!

In web development, the neural network is used by javascript. In this sphere, ANN is mostly used for recognizing different kinds of information. This can include photos, images, numbers, etc. The big part of programs, for example, that are used for spambot security, was developed with the help of neural systems. Captcha is one such program.  All internet users encounter this everyday security system at some point, but without this little program, the most popular sites would be covered with annoying advertisements or other irritating distractions.

It is important to understand that the difference in program development life cycle between ANN and a typical program doesn’t have to be that large. One of the biggest differences between the two lies in accepting fast decisions and working on a result. Using ANN in program development demands an utterly responsible approach.

The main necessities of studying neural network

Knowledge of ANN allows you to work for the best international IT companies in a dedicated team of programmers, creating efficient software. The current rapid progress of software development indicates that within the space of a few years, neural network experience will not only be a desirable attribute, it will be crucial to a developer’s success. Anyway, every team leader will be glad to have a specialist with ANN knowledge in his development team, even if the company doesn’t relate to similar technologies. It’s up to you whether you’d like to learn this theme or not, but having a portfolio that features neural network would not be out of place in today’s job market.

One more important thing to point out is the positive influence of studying neural network on your mind and mental skills. Those programmers that work with complex systems such as artificial intelligence, absolute code or robotic science are more advanced than the average developer.  For them, working with web development, and creating mobile or desktop applications are very simple tasks. Making a conclusion:  working with complex systems strongly evolves your logical thinking skills and boosts your IQ. For this, studying ANN is a great option.

Study or not?

You might say there is no need to study such a complicated system as ANN, that it is better to concentrate on one programming language. If you are a reckless dreamer, however, and you want to make something important in this world – don’t hesitate, ANN is for you!


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