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One more little story about Java Game Development

19.08.2016 Alexa Klimow
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One more little story about Java Game Development

Among many programming languages existing nowadays Java is one of the most popular and well-known for being used to create applications. It’s quite probable that half of the software running on your laptop or personal computer were developed with the help of Java. Also, you should know that Java has a web-plugin allowing to run these apps. But could games on Java be created and will the same plug-in that supports the workflow of the application support a game? We are just about to find out.

This post tends to find out and describe briefly the capacity of Java Game Programming.
One of the first games developed in Java was Tetris. Even nowadays one should agree that this game is still one of the most popular ever created. Its first version was developed by a Russian programmer in faraway 1980s. As you know it’s a block puzzle game and every block could take 7 different kinds of shapes. The more squares each shape has within itself the more complex it is. The amazing thing about this Tetris game developed in Java is that it’s compatible with almost every platform in lots of variations. If you do some more search you will find out that even nowadays this Java game still could go with ultra-modern smartphones.

Moreover nowadays more and more mobile games both for Android or iOS platforms are developed in Java. Have you ever heard of Angry Birds or Temple Run? And I’m absolutely sure everyone loves Minecraft! You won’t believe but these are the products of Java game development. Even interactive slot machines for online Casino software (InterCasino) were programmed using Java. What else to say, Long Live Java Game development!
At first sight, Java game development may look frightening to you but once you get accustomed to the routine and have in mind the idea that this language was actually developed to make things easier you will relax and enjoy the process.
To get the wholesome picture and additional practical lines of coding you could go to Edu4Java as it is the best easy-to-follow Java game programming tutorial. But I’ll still take a chance and give you some succinct information.

1. The first step is to create a Window

The main purpose of the Window is to hold everything in one place. Go online and find a snippet that will provide you with 300×400 window. I bet you will find it easily as there are many Java game tips all around the net.
Lines of coding will help you to get control of the window for your game. You could also change the properties of the window as it serves as a command hub for the code to manage your game/application UI.

2. Every Java game needs amination

Java language helps you to create objects for your game. The objects might be moving in quite a simple way, so ideally this all could lead the creating of some sports game like badminton or tennis or some card game, for example, poker, etc.
If you have been working with Java before and are familiar with the coding process it won’t be difficult for you. If you are a freshman here, you could go to How to Do in Java to see video lessons of Java Game development tutorial.

3. Think about the server part

When people ask the question ‘How can I create a game in Java’, it seems to me that they mean that no other facilities needed, for example, external libraries, frameworks, engines. Without all that, no one could actually create anything. So, simply be honest and if you don’t know much about the server part, just ask for some help from someone who’s in it. Some of the engines and frameworks are absolutely available online, just go and get them. Greenfoot is one of them.

4. Pluses of Java Game programming

– The game you will create will be so to say platform-agnostic. By this, I mean that it’s made to be independent irrespective of the platform it’s running on. So, the code you write will work with Linux or Windows or any other system.
– Java code is precise and strict and its object-oriented model is more usable and clear.
– If any transition of the game needed it could be easily fulfilled. Some existing libraries could help you with moving it to Android or iOS.
– Using hot swap helps to make debugging level design easier, especially if you want to auto-redeploy your project.
– Java manages facilitated garbage collection and introspection

5. Drawback of using Java programming to create games

– Java is not that fast as alternative programming languages (for example C++)
– Java’s ability to be cross-platform is questioned because once you know other languages better you realize that they could be as cross-platform as Java is and maybe even better
– Java has quite a heavy runtime as it has to be downloaded and installed so it uses a lot of your memory
– Sometimes you may hear that Java’s fans are lacking numbers in Game development industry. Actually, it’s not quite true, though game programmers using other than Java developmental languages are much better represented in the Gaming development world.
As you see Java game programming is feasible and learnable. The only one thing that is missing is how badly you want to get to know how to develop games in Java. Join the club of Java game developers and try your luck!

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