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Part of Top iOS Apps Had to Be Renamed

21.09.2016 Nika Todua
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Part of Top iOS Apps Had to Be Renamed

Apple is about to take more control overn what’s being published on in the App Store. According Due to the company’s prediction there will be more than 20 million apps in the App Store in 2020 and it looks like company is going to do as much as possible to reach that result. So, Apple have enforced a pair of changes in rules to improve user experience.

First of all, Apple will get rid of applications that are not being finished or that are no longer being supported any more. So, if you are hosting an application, you better make sure it is updated and running smoothly. The purging process has already started on September, 7 by the way.

The next change being enforced is very important for application owners or for those who are going to run one. Since 7th September the maximum length of application name can no longer exceed should make less than 50 characters.

Those who haven’t dealt with the iOS application store should know that almost a quarter of all top apps have more than 50 characters in the title. Such long names are in need on promotion purposes. The more keywords in demand there are in an app’s name, the more likely it is that are the chances itan app will would be found. Well, this was the case untilbeforethat was right till September, 7.

How Will Recent Changes in Apps Name Rules Affect the App Store’s TOP Apps?

First of all, you should know more about the influence of an app’s name on its position in the search rankings. The thing to remember is that the user is usually seeking for an app with a specific function. They User may not know thea leading provider for the service they’re lookingit seeks for, but they he certainly knows their own his demands. A person Someone may not know that Google Maps offers the best navigation service, but theyone knows that they he needs a navigator application, so they he enters “navigation”, “maps”, etc. You may not know there are tens of online streaming services or video hostings, but if you need a service to watch the latest videos you will enter “watch latest videos” and you will download an app from the list. And if there is an entered key phrase is taking place in app’s name, there are more chances that this app it will be at in the top of the search results and, consequently, that it will be downloaded.

That’s why even the top apps are usually haveing long names like Google’s, Amazon’s or Hulu’s apps. Let’s take a Hulu Streaming Service as an example. It’s name was:

Hulu: Watch latest episodes of your favorite hit TV Shows, stream kids movies & comedy films.

First of all, this name wasn’t displayed fully on your screen, as it has too many characters. Secondly, it doesn’t seem to be self-selling. Just consider what kind of name would be more appropriate one for the an app of a modern streaming service – Hulu itself, or the one that was in place till the recent changes were enforced. So, it is all about user -experience. Now the application won’t look quite so spammy.

However, from now on it will be makes harder for app hosts to make clear what their an app is about and what’s even more important, the app promotion will become became harder. So now application owners have to bring more efforts in other way to make sure their that application will be at in the top of the search.

How Will This Change App Store Optimization Change Now?

Since 7th September, t only the service’s name can be used as an app’s title. No descriptions, no functions can be presented as key words and key phrases. This will affect an optimization dramatically, as previously the title’s tagline played a tremendous role in an app’s search ranking.

Now application owners will have to be more inventive when writing descriptions forto apps. As key words and phrases still play a large role, they have to be moved from titles to descriptions.

What’s more about ASO changes?

There are 3 remaining key factors remaining affecting an app’s rank.

  • Keywords
  • Appearance
  • External factors

I said all about keywords – you should be guided by the similar to SEO principles and also you should also move key words from title to description.

In terms of Considering appearance, you should aim to be more accurate when choosing your app’s’ title and image. The uUser only sees two of these in the search list, so and theythose have to be good enough to make the user click on the app’s name and choose it from among several others. Previously a poor image or title could be compensated by an enumeration of the app’s functions – now this is it’s impossible.

External factors include are the number of downloads, the app’s rating, etc and others. Theose are the factors you can’t affect directly – it is all based on the users’ appreciation.

As you can probably tell from the points raisedDue to all said above, now the ASO has becoame more difficult harder and what you have to concentrate on to promote your App is on improving brand awareness. This is the best way to make your app popular – promote it outside the App Store.

Meanwhile, in Google Market…

The service developers have announced a new feature – now the file’s size will be seen on most of the pages. Recently, you had to read through the application description page to find out its size. Now the app’s size will be screened on Google Play’s search page and other pages, so you can consider space issues more easily now.

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