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Accounting Automation System

Project overview

The customer wanted to get an automated information system that would allow them to get away from paperwork and optimize and simplify the accounting processes.

The system is designed to record a huge amount of information on all individuals who need to accrue any social guarantees. There are also a number of editable directories of normative, legislative, and judicial documents that directly affect the calculation of these payments. Therefore, the system helps to perform various operations with millions of documents in the shortest possible time.


The client is a government institution of one of the European countries.


Document workflow automatization, Legal.


Because of a diverse company’s structure with many hierarchically ordered divisions distributed over a large area, it was necessary to implement complex mechanisms of budgetary funds approval and distribution with the need to keep the history of mutual settlements and strict accounting reports on the movement of all funds in the system.

All processes for the calculation and payment of benefits involve joint work with other government organizations. Therefore, the list of tasks also included the development of a platform that allows one to set up integration with multiple organizations for rapid information exchange.

And finally, to work with such a complex system, you need to have strong administration and security systems. They should include a complex user role model with various rights and access levels and implement the encryption of information.

Development process

  • Backend — Java, Spring, Hibernate, Gradle.
  • Database — PostgreSQL.
  • Frontend — React.js, Redux, Redux-Saga, SCSS, Jest.

The development process is conducted entirely on the private infrastructure of the development team. There are testbeds for deployment during development and testing, a private npm repository, and a separate secure infrastructure for customer-side deployment. Everything is managed using Jenkins.


At the moment we have implemented an MVP (minimum viable product). We are already receiving feedback from the first users after a pilot launch in some organization’s units. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work to be done to finish the project — the plan is scheduled for several years ahead. But even the current stage shows that the solution will significantly simplify all the customer’s processes.


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