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Bluetooth Device Control App

Project overview

This Bluetooth device control app helps to connect and manage devices, see detailed information about them, stream the music, find lost devices, and detect credit card skimmers.

What does the app offer?

  • Visually manage devices
    The interface of the app allows you to upload pictures of your devices or choose colorful icons instead. Thus, you will be able to distinguish one device from another.
  • See device information
    You can monitor connection status, battery levels, temperature, services, and location of every paired device. You can add a nickname for every device and write a short description, including the place where you store it.
  • Set connection behavior
    Here, you can allow your devices to automatically connect to each other.
  • Block unknown devices
    If you see some devices you haven’t added, block them so that they can’t pair or connect to your device.
  • Find lost devices
    If you lost one of the paired devices, you can use the “I lost this device” function. It will help you find a particular device as soon as possible. If you are looking for any gadget nearby, use a broader search instead. Click the “Add new devices” button and see the list of Bluetooth-enabled devices. 
  • Detect credit card skimmers
    You can use this app to detect Bluetooth-enabled skimmers that are typically installed on gas pumps, point-of-sale terminals, and ATMs. The color of an icon will represent the type of device founded.


A software development company from Houston, TX that delivers modern, high-performing web and mobile application solutions.


Bluetooth Device Manager, Mobile App Development, Android App Development.


The task was to build a mobile app that helps users connect and manage their Bluetooth devices, view detailed information about them, find lost devices, block unrecognized gadgets, and detect credit card skimmers.

Technology stack

Android: Kotlin, MVVM architecture, Navigation Component, Material Components, AppCenter, Paging, AltBeacon, Lifecycle, Glide, Dagger 2, Kotlin Coroutines, GSON, Retrofit 2, OkHttp 3, Room, Chuck, Google Maps, Google Update API, Google Sign-In, Trialy, Google Billing, Lottie.

PHP: Laravel, MySQL, Apache2, Supervisor, Swager.


In the end, the client got a stunning app with a multilingual interface that has the best UX/UI design of all similar apps. We completed all the tasks and implemented all the necessary features. As a result, more than 100,000 users have downloaded the app since September 2020.


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