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Documents Scanning App

Project Overview

In order to fill in an online application form, the user does not need to do it manually. Now the user needs only his personal documents (ID card, passport or driving license), a smartphone and our web app.

The user scans the barcodes of the document with the camera of the smartphone. The necessary data, that should be filled in the electronic application form, is transferred from the mobile app of the smartphone into a file of the web app backoffice. The user fills in the electronic application form with the data from the file, and gets a completed form that can be saved as pdf file and sent to the needed authority or printed out.


A small law firm from the USA




The client renders services to the customers in documents preparation to the state authorities

The owner of the company wanted to accelerate the process of filling in the forms and to increase the quantity of clients.

The Problem

Working with filling in the electronic application forms, the client faced two problems:

  • He couldn’t serve more customers, as he used to fill in the electronic application forms by hand. The process took a long time.
  • He lacked the software to run the process of filling in the electronic application forms smoothly. In order to accelerate the process of completing forms, the client tried a separate scanner. 

Although he scanned the barcode of the back of the driver license and transferred the data to the computer, the documents’ preparation process was time-consuming.

So, when the customer addressed us, his demand was to find an opportunity to transfer scanned information directly into documents for further printing. He wanted to develop a web application.

The Solution

Our offer was to greatly simplify the process of scanning the personal documents without using any additional gadgets. The client would use only a smartphone camera and a web app.


We developed a web application and linked it with the simple mobile app that reads the barcodes by the camera of the smartphone. So, in order to prepare the application forms and to send them to the needed authorities, the client uses:

– the barcode at the back the driver’s license

– his smartphone with the camera and a mobile app

– the web application

After the processing, all the data is conveniently placed in a file of the web app backoffice, and can be inserted into the required fields in electronic application forms that are uploaded in the same web app.

The user copies the appropriate information and fills in the application form.

It is possible both to print the application or to export the file as pdf and send it to the state authorities official website.

The software can read data from any document containing the barcode.


Development Process

For the development process we used such stack as:

Back-end services we developed on: the Node JS, Express, Google-Spreadsheet.

To develop a front-end part of the Web app, we used ReactJS, React-PDF, React-To-Print.


As a result, the client has got a software system which simplifies and makes all the process of filling in the documents run smoother.

The client can serve more customers and to be more competitively viable.