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e-Learning Portal Development for Psychologists

Our client approached us with the idea of creating an e-learning portal for psychologists. The portal should be a professional online environment for further training, by learning new psychological techniques and sharing experiences between professionals. As a result, we developed a platform that allows learners to store and access all materials related to training (courses, assignments, exams, etc.), choose individual training plans, depending on the current experience and profiling of the specialist. In addition, the portal realizes the function of social learning by introducing discussion boards, a chat room, and a forum where psychologists can discuss professional issues and share knowledge.


Online Hypnosis Platform

: HypnoPlatform is a mobile app developed for a skilled hypnotherapist additionally to the website, with the mission to arrange psychological services online. The mobile app and website together form...


Business Intelligence (BI) Solution for Manufacturing Company

In business, there is a large volume of documents that need to be created, constantly duplicated, re-signed, transferred, archived, stored. In manufacturing, the document turnover is huge. Our customer decided...


Tailored Manufacturing Software Solution

Our manufacturing, equipment repair and maintenance customer came in with a request to optimize core business processes through technology. We developed specialized software tailored to the client's specifics. Thanks to...


Online Hotel Booking

Our team took on the challenge of creating an Online Travel Agency (OTA) Hotel Booking Portal, tailored to meet the specific needs of OTA services. Our client needed to streamline...


Web Booking Platform for Sports Clubs

The client, which operates several dozen sports clubs across the state, recognized the need to scale up its business and address numerous errors in the administration office. In order to...