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Leadvisor – International E-commerce Platform and Marketplace

Project Overview:

Leadvisor is a smart web platform with its own marketplace, offering information products from partner companies worldwide.
It specializes in various industries, such as law, electric power, pharmaceuticals, production, and manufacturing.
The platform serves as a marketing tool for business scaling, selling consulting services, and offering essential info products like checklists, templates, and training courses.
It also acts as an intuitive educational platform, providing users with reliable information and cutting-edge knowledge in specific niches.

Industry: E-commerce / Consulting

Client: A consulting company from China with an office in the USA.


Transform the website into a global e-commerce platform and marketplace with a focus on selling law and taxation-related information products.

The platform aims to generate income by selling the client’s digital products and consulting services while serving as a marketplace for partner companies.

Additionally, it will act as a marketing tool, promoting information products and services through professional courses and webinars, targeting potential customers.

The Problem:

The client’s existing website lacked a presentable interface and had limited functionality, hindering transformation into a smart intuitive platform. The outdated technology prevented seamless integration of payment systems, language support, streamlined business processes, and improved customer experience.

The Solution:

Instead of modifying the existing website, we developed a new, robust e-commerce platform – a marketplace integrated with an educational platform and powerful marketing tools. The platform successfully covered American, Asian, and European markets, helping the client achieve all business goals.

Development Process:

We used the following stack for development:
Back-end: Nest.js, Swagger, Sequelize, MySQL2, Nodemailer, Stripe, hbs, Typescript, i18n.
Front-end (Client-side): Typescript, Next.js, Redux, Redux-toolkit, RTQ, i18n.
Front-end (Admin-side): React/React-admin, Next.js, Typescript, i18n.
Deploy: Azure.


-A user-friendly and intuitive website interface with a smart navigation system for seamless interaction.
-An intelligent product search system with relevant results, smart filtering, sorting, auto-suggestions, contextual understanding, and intelligent recommendations.
-Integration with worldwide payment systems, including Stripe, Alipay, and WeChat.
-Access to various content types, including bulk uploading, managing files and videos, utilizing a video player with playback controls, and video hosting and storage.
-SEO optimization and performance enhancements for increased search visibility, website traffic, and brand credibility.
-Multi-language support and the ability to add new languages.


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