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Meal Planning App

Project Overview

The project is a platform that connects people seeking to lead a healthier lifestyle with a network of professionals in the fitness industry.

Users can reach out to certified coaches and gain access to a personalized meal plan. They can choose a standard meal plan or request a personalized one from a personal trainer. All dishes are calorie counted and cooked to order from reliable restaurants.

Using this app, trainers can assist their clients and receive exposure to expand their existing client base.


  • Suits all fitness levels. Whether the user is planning to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or keep in shape, the meal plan can be easily personalized.
  • Track your health metrics. Integration with the Apple Health App through HealthKit APIs allows users to track biometrics and read their daily calories burned.
  • Plan in seconds. The app offers variety and convenience at affordable prices with simplicity and ease.
  • Reliability. The app maintains high-quality standards when it comes to compiling customer meal plans. They only partner with proven and trusted brands.
  • Simplicity. The app is as simple as it gets, with no complicated features or lengthy processes.
  • Flexibility. This meal planning app easily integrates with third-party apps and wearable fitness devices.


Healthcare startup.


Healthcare, sport.


The client has set the task of refining the system of advanced notifications, whose arrival and filling times depend on the data entered in the app (meal times, meals, workout times, etc.)

Technologies and tools used

  • Spring Boot,
  • SpringData,
  • Firebase FCM,
  • Amazon SNS,
  • Amazon S3,
  • Twillio,
  • Twillio SendGrid,
  • Liquibase,
  • SpringSecurity,
  • Onfleet,
  • Stripe


As a result, we have improved the notification feature.


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