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Online Hypnosis Platform

Project Overview:

HypnoPlatform is a mobile app developed for a skilled hypnotherapist additionally to the website, with the mission to arrange psychological services online.

The mobile app and website together form a complex platform that offers a licensing opportunity for other hypnotherapists to promote their services using the same platform for appointments with their clients. The platform provides an all-in-one solution for patients, with a mobile app available on both Android and iOS, coupled with a user-friendly landing website. By logging in, users can effortlessly book appointments via Calendly, make secure payments with Stripe, and experience transformative consultations.


Med-tech, Telemedicine, Consultations, Non-traditional Medicine Practice


The client is a private hypnotherapist hailing from the European Union (EU), seeking to:

  • Expand her practice and promote appointments online.
  • Digitize all paperwork connected with appointments booking, patients’ charts, and payment control. 

The client aimed to expand her practice and promote appointments online while also digitizing the paperwork related to appointments, patients’ charts, and payment control. This aligns with the goals of many hypnotherapists who aim to grow their practice and streamline administrative processes.


The client addressed us, requesting marketing services to elevate online presence and promote her appointments effectively. During discussions, it became evident that the client had ambitious goals:

  1. Promote and monetize her services online
  2. Create an app serving as a platform for fellow hypnotherapists to conduct sessions, earning commissions
  3. To seamlessly schedule appointments with the customers.

Development Process:

The development team faced the following challenge in AppStore authorization. The platform’s nature as a non-traditional medicine practice clashed with the company’s health certificate requirements. To overcome this hurdle, we ingeniously recategorized the app under “fitness.”

HypnoPlatform Key Features:

-An intuitive user-friendly Interface

-Scheduling services powered by Calendly

-A secure payment system for online transactions with Stripe

-Specialist subscriptions for platform access

-Personalized patient profiles for enhanced engagement

-Subscription options for specialists

-Invite links to attract specialists’ patients to the platform

-Specialists promoting themselves by publishing articles on the platform blog

Development Stack:

HypnoPlatform mobile app was built from scratch, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as ReactNative, C#, Stripe, Calendly, and AWS.


The successful implementation of HypnoPlatform proved to be a game-changer for our client. The platform now provides our client with the opportunity to:

  • Promote herself as a specialist and monetize her services.
  • Scale her business by selling licenses for other hypnotherapists to use the platform with their patients.
  • Foster a strong community of specialists.

Client Success:

The journey with HypnoPlatform has paved the way for our client’s success, expanding her professional reach and transforming her business on a global scale. With a seamless interface and robust features, HypnoPlatform continues to empower countless individuals on their journey towards psychological well-being.


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