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Payments Solution for Insurance

Our insurance client needed a new payment solution. It was necessary to implement from scratch a service for invoicing and organize the possibility of direct payment, and to take into account all the specifics of the client’s company. As a result, we managed to organize a payment system for the customer’s business, which is as clear and easy to use as possible, where it is possible to form individual invoices, to pay in different ways. In realizing this goal, we implemented advanced security practices such as access control, encryption and regular security audits to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This has helped build customer trust and confidence in the organization’s commitment to providing customer-centric services.


Online Hypnosis Platform

: HypnoPlatform is a mobile app developed for a skilled hypnotherapist additionally to the website, with the mission to arrange psychological services online. The mobile app and website together form...


Business Intelligence (BI) Solution for Manufacturing Company

In business, there is a large volume of documents that need to be created, constantly duplicated, re-signed, transferred, archived, stored. In manufacturing, the document turnover is huge. Our customer decided...


Online Hotel Booking

Our team took on the challenge of creating an Online Travel Agency (OTA) Hotel Booking Portal, tailored to meet the specific needs of OTA services. Our client needed to streamline...


Web Booking Platform for Sports Clubs

The client, which operates several dozen sports clubs across the state, recognized the need to scale up its business and address numerous errors in the administration office. In order to...


B2B Online Store for Equipment Selling

Our client, a B2B company, specializes in selling a wide range of industrial, warehouse, and office equipment, totaling over 70,000 items to meet various business needs. The main goal of...