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Possible Ways to Protect Your Site from Spam

05.03.2020 Alexey Grakov
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Possible Ways to Protect Your Site from Spam

Numerous experts work on solving the problem of intrusive advertising: various anti-spam software products are created, blacklists of IP addresses are replenished, new filtering algorithms are developed to protect against unwanted attacks. In turn, spammers continue to improve their working methods, finding new ways to distribute annoying advertisements.


Methods to Combat Inappropriate Content

There are plenty of ways to reduce the amount of the received spam. You can activate the anti-spam service by using or other relevant software. The majority of hosting services offer their customers built-in protection, but sometimes these filters may not work properly. Therefore, it’s better to use more advanced tools. Below are some additional recommendations to follow.

  1. It is important to properly configure commenting forms. It is necessary to check that all required fields of the form are filled in, which confirms the sender’s e-mail address.
  2. If there are not many comments on the site, then you can manually protect them from spam. In this case, all the comments are checked by the administrator. However, hundreds and thousands of comments per day are difficult to process manually.
  3. The most common automated protection method for sites is CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). It is a special test that distinguishes computers from people. A real person can easily solve the task proposed in the test, but the machine will not cope with it. Most often, captcha looks like a picture with slightly distorted letters or numbers. For people with low vision there is a sound captcha.
  4. The easiest and the most affordable way to protect against inappropriate content on the page is the lack of a “link” or “website” field in the comment forms. If you can’t leave a link in comments then the resource usually becomes simply not interesting to spammers.


How Scammers Recognize Your Website

If the Internet page provides the possibility of commenting or it has a guest book, then sooner or later, the question of reliable protection from spam arises. For dishonest SEO-optimizers (the so-called “black” optimizers), the presence of a comment form or guest book on any web-service is a great chance to publish a spam link to your resource and thereby attract the attention of search engines. Such links are usually of extremely low quality: they do not correspond to the subject of the site and can also lead to pages with substandard content. All these harm the reputation of the page.

Comments and topics are a good source of information and an effective way to attract users. This valuable content should not be buried under the automatically generated keywords and links placed there by scammers. That is why it is worth paying attention to spam protection on the web-page in due time.


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