Software development process, provided by VironIT with regard to the development of high technologies, is focused on meeting the specific requirements and wishes of the customer, choosing optimal solutions for quality services, as well as minimization of material and time resources required for the project.


For the efficient allocation of time and material resources, as well as for providing the most transparent conditions for cooperation, VironIT performs software development planning, including the following steps:

  1. determination of the general concept of the project with regard to the wishes of the customer, complexity and purpose of the software;
  2. determination of the intermediate stages of development;
  3. calculation of the required material and time resources;
  4. choosing methodology of application development;
  5. determination of the frequency and form of project reports;
  6. determination of possible risks associated with the software development and ways to minimize them.


In order to streamline software development processes and to ensure effective project management, VironIT uses the following methodologies:


This type of methodology is ideal for projects with undefined requirements, as well as for situations, when the result must be obtained as soon as possible.

Waterfall model

The basic principles of this methodology are the clear definition of the requirements for a software product, careful design and timing.

Reporting and Control

For quality development in compliance with the requirements and wishes of the customer VironIT uses a number of tools and technical components to minimize uncoordinated decisions and actions within the framework of cooperation:

  1. careful strategic project planning with regard to material and time resources;
  2. use of modern technologies for project accounting and control: time control, performance control, etc.
  3. regular comprehensive progress reports;
  4. using modern means of communication with the customer: e-mail, instant messaging services, audio and video conferences, private meetings.


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