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Search Ads are now available at App Store, get ready to promote your apps

06.10.2016 Alexa Klimow
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Search Ads are now available at App Store, get ready to promote your apps

On June 8th the news about the coming App store advertising possibility made the Internet and the digital world start looking forward to this opportunity and finally on October 5th the AppStore Search Ads is officially on.

The paid service will give the developers an opportunity to promote their apps in AppStore and as it goes without saying promote their services. All we know about such an innovation is that it is only one of many sides of new Apple strategy that was created by the team of specialists (the total number of around 100) with Todd Teresi as the head of it. The majority of the personnel are the employees of iAd Company, one of the former Apple advertising departments.

After the Apple search service has been successfully tested (beta version), the advertising will show up in the App Store straight this week. Once you enter a keyword in the search box the ads will be shown at the top of the result page.

It’s a proven fact that over 65% of all apps downloaded came from the search result. Apple is looking forward to less famous corporations or even individual developers being able to reach their target audience with the help of Search Ads. Apple claimed that they would start App Store Ads according to relevant requests and the impressions would be customizable as well. You would choose the country, the audience and use other parameters.

From the date of September 29th, companies could proceed with an application to place a campaign with App Store Ads. Starting on October 5th and until December 31st Apple is offering $100 credit to activate Apple ads (run the campaign for the first time) and at the same time using it as a means of the search testing facilitation. Unfortunately, this option is only available for US-based companies. Maybe with the time App Store Ads discount will cover Europe, Asia, Australia and other countries as well.

It is believed that the ad adjustment will take only 15 minutes and the parameters provided include: the possible date of the campaign, its budget, keywords to be shown, etc. Moreover, the program could suggest you the keywords automatically based on the description provided for you application in the App Store.

Everyone knows that App Store is one of the sources of income for Apple. According to the regulations, every payment for the app’s download to the company-developer generates 30% of this sum paid to Apple. But it doesn’t mean that only well-known corporations placing their apps will receive all the benefit. According to Apple officials, they introduced a relevance algorithm that will be helping to display App Store ads relevant to the user’s search. For example, if you developed an app for quite a narrow specific audience, for example, men above 50 living in Asia and your app looks more like a startup than a solid development, you are very likely to reach the audience you want to. Just use the $100 credit Apple is giving to you. From now on, the irrelevant apps won’t be shown to you regardless the advertising budget of the company promoting them. It sounds like a huge fat opportunity for all iOS developers to create a healthy competition for the users, their target audience.

It’s not a secret that mobile developers are concentrated on making their advertising budgets grow, letting Search Ads become a very good monetizing means. The charge will be applied not to the click but to the download process.

As to my humble opinion, I don’t see why not this could be a good implementation both for developers and the Apple search. Go and find your customers at the very right moment, get advanced and simple insight and have a safe ad experience with Apple Store advertising.

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