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Symfony development as a way to build a webproject

28.11.2016 Alexa Klimow
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Symfony development as a way to build a webproject

Engineers developing in PHP know that it could work without any framework but it’s always great to know that you might have one. Symfony is a PHP framework that is by the way also an Open Source and it gets more and more welcomed by developers all over the world.

Symfony development

Symfony framework facilitates the development in the way of making it easier and faster. It brings the needed scalability and flexibility to the project, simplifies the interaction and the integration of the application into the rest of the system. This environment is internationally recognized as a stable and easy-to-use one. It adopts the standards which allow to pick up the software components of your own and not necessary restricted to the ones given.

Symfony at a Glance

We could use a valid analogy between developing an application and the mountain adventure. Staying at the foot of the mountain means that you are in front of your final goal: developing an app. And actually climbing it to the very summit means building up the app of your dreams with perfect code lines and rich functionality.

Any framework and Symfony framework is not an exception is built up of the following parts:


It is a set of software components that is half ready and highly integrable. Thus, there is no need to write code from scratch and the code you get eventually is bug-free. Such attitude can bring maximum productivity to the development in general so you could deploy more apps in a shorter timeframe.


Having the methodology representing a diagram to ‘assemble’ apps is of utter importance. The structured form helps to develop apps efficiently and effectively either it is a single task of a complex set of them. The right application of the methodology calls for upgradeability, stability, and maintainability of the apps developed.

Not the last thing to mention in this structure is that Symfony developers are also skilled at PHP and thus the practice of PHP development could be applicable here and show truly great results. This framework was developed to serve the needs of Symfony developers and it’s open for any update and development by any member of the community. The applications developed with its help are interoperable and standardized. The community formed around this development is over 5 years old and VironIT could offer the service for any company to hire Symfony developer for the needs of the customer.

Projects worldwide based on Symfony development

Many small- and mid-sized like this framework because it’s the best way to build open source projects. Also, the full-stack PHP framework obtains the common features with the Symfony one. Now, I’d like to give a glimpse of some major projects built of the discussed platform:

  1. Drupal

It is a content management platform that hosts millions of application and websites worldwide and it’s an open source one. The development community around this platform counts to 1M programmers. It’s absolutely free to share, download and built on it.

  1. phpBB

This platform is a forum-based solution that helps people stay in touch with each other. Every user has a board and it’s easy to customize with various modifications and styles and over a hundred of images to distinguish your wall from the rest. It’s very easy to use.

  1. Laravel

Based on Symfony framework this is another one that helps to build applications. The benefit of this platform is that facilitates the fulfillment of the common tasks like caching, sessions and routing. It also has very elegant syntax.

  1. eZ Publish Community

This platform was specifically developed for eZ Publish Enterprise and its goal is to build business apps that are full-featured, stable and highly quality assured. The apps are also required to have additional valuable functionality, be easy supported and maintained.

  1. Joomla!

It’s a CMS (content management system) that facilitates the development of Web sites and powerful apps. It’s considered to be the best open source that is available to everyone for free.

  1. Composer

It’s a dependency management tool that works with the needed libraries for your project and installs them for you. It’s one of the most well-known tools made for PHP development in general and Symfony development in particular.

  1. Magento

Everyone heard of Magento, a highly-scalable and flexible solutions for e-Commerce. This PHP-driven cost effective platform controls the functionality and the content of your online stores.


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