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Technology & design to change healthcare system

30.09.2016 Margaret Geras
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Technology & design to change healthcare system

Several years ago, who would dare to think of healthcare as of a mobile industry that will be really quickly moving forward to satisfy the needs of both patients and doctors? Yet today we see that medical field is becoming more and more a platform for technology and design innovations to be implemented.

In fact, healthcare is developing so dynamically in many countries it makes this sphere one of the most desirable for startups to work with. This is onlyIt has its own logical: exactly with designing healthcare software is a way to build up a business and at the same time to do solve some real humanitarian problems. This, all together, makes smart healthcare extremely welcomingso interesting for ambitious startupers and developers.

Begin Rise of the era of smart healthcare: case of the Netherlands case

How can technology actually help people to solve serious problems and respond challenges? Started as an aspiration to make quality healthcare easier, more accessible, and more transparent for patients, today the technologization of healthcare is a common thing in many national healthcare systems. Hundreds of eHealth and mHealth applications and websites are nowadays becoming popular among people who receive and provide healthcare.

Take an example of the Netherlands healthcare experience. In 2016, this country is really at the forefront of making healthcare more mobile and more technology-driven, nationwide. In the case of the Netherlands, software developers who work with eHealth and mHealth initiatives are to satisfy huge demand for medical software from governmental and non-governmental organizations. They work on various platforms facilitatingfor health-related communication, health-monitoring, health-control. They , and even develophealthcare apps to help people cope with psychological challenges.

One of the most promising Dutch startups in this field is probably Synappz. Working since 2013, they have made a big difference in how national healthcare system works. For instance, Clinicards designed by this company is a system that creates unique and privacy-safe medical cards for each patient. Another important field of development is healthcare apps for patients. Theyose are mostly created mostly by startups and universities for people to use every day useage to deal with such issues like stress, hyperventilation, panic attacks, dyslexia, and other challenges.

Governmental support surely plays an important role in the implementation of new smart healthcare initiatives in the Netherlands. However, freshly designed apps for patients, communication systems for doctors, handy health-related databases are gathering gaining popularity also without any institutional support, simply because they are useful.

Without doubtsT, the Netherlands, without doubts, have one of the most effective and modern healthcare systems in the world. This to say, one can successfully use it as an example and inspiration to create their own beautiful ideas for health-related software development.

What is trending on health-related software market?

As somebody once formulated, ‘startup is a temporary organization in search for a scalable, repeatable and profitable business model’. Well, working with healthcare today is probably one of the most interesting, challenging and profitable models to start with.

There are several important trends on the market of healthcare-related technology today. Basically, those are influenced by common software development trends.

For example, the general line is to get rid of “one size fits all” idea, both while creating new software and while delivering it to the customer. Next important trend is being data-driven: it not only it helps to bringindividualizing services and products to an individual level, but also can be used to keep track of what is required onby the market.

Working on a customer-centric healthcare app isstays one of the most popular ways to work for in healthcare sphere generally. Finding out what is needed on the market, creating a prototype, and receiving reactions response from interested customers to refine the first version is a perfect way for a startup to launch a new useful app. The problem of financing can be solved with crowdfunding here more than anywhere else.

Designing various wearables is yet another thing gaining popularity. After all, wearable devices are nowadays used not only to monitor blood pressure and track your daily activity, but also for more complicated things such as reading checking glucose levels, identifying asthma symptoms, and even EKG.

Gathering and safely storing diagnostic the patient data is also a popular stream in health-related software development. The more big data we use big data, the more higher concerns about privacy grow, so here one can combine solving two important problems at once: provide patients and doctors with handy medical card and a safe space to store confidential medical information.

Finally, designing communication systems and all-in-one solutions for healthcare institutions is a great option for those who think big. More and more hospitals wish to have handy systems to manage all kinds of communicative aspects, from real-time exchange of information to effective websites.

And of course inviting and ergonomic design of technology plays its important role. As healthcare stays a sensitive area for many, attracting people by its friendliness and high usability of your smart healthcare software is a way to make everybody’s life simpler and prettier.

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