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The best tools to make your mobile app experience perfect

15.09.2016 Tatiana Kir
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The best tools to make your mobile app experience perfect

Application developers use mobile apps even more often than ordinary people. As the percentage of app users has grown recently, the number of individuals, who want to create new applications, has also doubled. They look through thousands of other mobile apps analyzing and comparing them to find something to their taste. In addition, there are numerous apps that are indispensable helpers in the mobile app development process and having them means that work of the developer becomes several times easier. Let us consider the best tools for application developers that might transform a painstaking job into the pleasant experience.

Testing tools

With a wide range of different testing tools in the market, these are some examples that may make the development process less frustrating and challenging.

  1. Google Play native App Beta Testing

This tool is aimed at developers, who create apps for Android. It does not require any payments if you have a Google account. There are many wonderful features that ease the process of development including email notifications with possible alerts, tips about the optimization process, revenue statistics with all necessary details etc.

  1. Ranorex

Ranorex is another interesting testing tool that can be used on all popular OS without modifications. It allows developers to run an automated test on any web or mobile app. Its great drawback is price, but if you purchase it once you can use it without any restrictions.

  1. TestFairy

The greatest benefits of TestFairy are its being completely free and providing an opportunity to record video of the testing process. Mobile app developers will appreciate this function as you can easily determine what went right or wrong. There are also memory logs, reports on crashes and very user-friendly interface. It is rather informative and useful for every developer.

Other popular tools

  1. Genymotion

Patience is a must have a characteristic of every app developer for Android. Sometimes this OS turns out to be so slowly that emulating gets really painful. This tool provides a perfect accelerated emulator for Android and you can save your time and nerves too.

  1. Hacker’s Keyboard

Code or script writing can be extremely painstaking if you have to do that with the help of a traditional keyboard layout on your phone. This mobile apps development

tool is essential for those, who have already experienced that problem and looks for something more practical.

  1. Siberian CMS

Looking for an alternative to beloved WordPress? Siberian CMS allows to avoid coding and create gorgeous apps quickly and without much effort. It is a cross-platform app based on the ionic framework. It can be easily adapted to any person’s needs and offers two versions that can help to launch your own business.

  1. Ember

A great framework for mobile application development has recently appeared. There is a number of common idioms that can be used even by beginners and automatic updating of templates. It helps to work fast and with the best productivity guaranteeing the highest ergonomics levels.

  1. Yapp

It is an award-winning app builder that allows creating apps right on the phone and publish them instantly on the Web. You can also collaborate online with other developers and use thousands of samples offered by the tool. There is a possibility to make your app private with Admin Control or vice versa make it social in Twitter, for example.

  1. POP

Prototyping on Paper is one of the best tools for those, who want to transform ideas into a working prototype. There are all vital tools, transitions, and links. It guarantees the best privacy with 128 bit SSL encryption, rapid importing and duplication, comfortable categorizing, co-working mode and easy sharing.

These are ones of the latest and most appreciated tools used by modern app developers. Now they do not need tons of written papers for coding as volumes of various libraries are available online and can be downloaded and used almost by any application. Moreover, coding also makes a step back as the number of interesting tools that offer mobile app creation services has increased greatly. It has become possible to perform most of the development operations using these tools and the process has definitely become more comfortable and interesting.

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