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Top 5 worldwide conferences more interesting for developers

14.09.2016 Lyudla Volk
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Top 5 worldwide conferences more interesting for developers

If you are keen on technologies, software or game development, I hope you are searching for events in this ever-changing sphere. If you are thinking about attending one of these events, this article may be useful for you. Here are some highlights from among hundreds of the worldwide developer conferences. This is just a tiny part of an avalanche of world conferences, but quite significant.


WWDC is a conference organized annually by Apple since 1983. Usually it takes place in California.

At WWDC, experts demonstrate new technologies for participants and discuss actual topics with them. Just imagine that there are more than 100 sessions.

Apple provides tickets these sthrough a lottery system, because it is hard to get hold of them, the conference is so popular among developers. This year the ticket price was $1,599.

WWDC is giving a unique chance for developers to meet more than 1, 500 Apple luminaries and experts. Here they also discuss the future of iOS, OS X, tvOS, watchOS and see what distinguishes the new iPhone from the previous one.

Don’t miss this conference next year, it’s the best way for you to learn more about the newest, most innovative apps in the world. If you have financial limitations, but want to keep abreast of events, watch it online.

Google I/O

Another popular developer event, which is also worth visiting, is Google I/O.

This conference was founded by Google in 2008. This is where Google usually introduces the next version of Android and any updates to its main products.

Google I/O sessions are different and focused on such things as mobile development, and web and enterprise applications.

I/O usually takes place in May or June every year and lasts for 2-3 days. This year the entrance fee was $900.

This summer Google presented several new products. For example, a new personal Google Assistant (instead of Google Now), a special gadget called Google Home, Allo (a new app for text messaging), an app for video calls named Duo and a new version of Android — Android N.

If you won’t have the opportunity to visit California next year, you can watch the conference online via the Google I/O website.

On a sidenote, the meaning of the name Google “IO” may either stand for “Innovation in the Open” or input/output (I / o). Another possibility is that the “I” and “O” are meant to resemble the binary digits “1” and “0”.


GDC, better known as the Game Developers Conference, was first organized in 1988 in California.

This conference is like a Mecca for professional video game developers from all over the world and I would highly recommend you visit it.

From year to year, GDC covers lectures connected with business and management, programming, production, audio, design and visual arts.

At this conference you will also find networking events, shows and even expo.

The developers of online, computer, console and mobile games benefit from GDC by learning and taking part in discussions on useful topics. GDC has a great influence on the future vision of the games industry.

This year GDC was held in March at Cologne in Germany and lasted for about five days.


QCon is an international software development conference. It was first held in 2007 in London and San Francisco, since becoming increasingly popular and spreading across the globe. andsthen increasingly You can visit QCon in New York, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Beijing and other cities.

It usually lasts for 3-5 days, with 5-7 sections in each of them. This conference features over 100 speakers and hundreds of delegates who are interested in software development.

A distinguishing feature of QCon is its Open Spaces. There is time in each section when anyone may come and ask other participants questions or offer discussion of any question within its framework. Open Spaces are useful for sharing passion and new ideas. This conference is a great opportunity for developers to connect with speakers, editors, and sponsors and to find like-minded people in the developer community.

E 3

Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it is better known, , is one of the most significant annual conferences for video game publishers. It’s a worldwide developers conference known and commonly used to promote and advertise upcoming releases, which is livestreamed all over the world. Taking its beginning in distant 1995, it has recently held the 21st annual conference. Usually participants focus more on video games for PC or console platforms, but this year has marked a sudden change in the stakes.

During the 2016 conference, different releases for mobile platforms were presented, including «Dragon Raja» by Locojoy LTD ($2 million gross in the first month) or the well-known Bethesda Softworks with their «Fallout Shelter» and «The Elder Scrolls: Legends». Perhaps this will be the beginning of a «revolution» as the mobile game industry is going to double its value to $45 in the next 2 years.

In conclusion

Information technology is going to continue developing at an extremely rapid rate, which has already led to such a huge amount of IT conferences all over the world. It is a difficult task to extract the most useful of them.

In addition to those we have highlighted in this article, you may also benefit from attending SXSW (one of the major web conferences), FOWA (UK), Le Web (Paris), BlackBerry Developer Conference, Disruptive Grind or Re Work Deep Learning Summit. The list can be very long. Just choose at least one of them to start changing the world.

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