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Top great mobile apps for entrepreneurs

25.08.2016 Alexa Klimow
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Top great mobile apps for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are some superheroes of the modern world, because, in the era of huge corporation rule, they resemble a fish trying to go with the stream and be directed to the best Haven ever by all means. There is no system or structure to back them up, and once they run out of financial means, there is nobody to jump into and help them in case they found themselves in the debt pit.

Needless to say, they should always have a savvy idea what things to focus on to make their business flourish. Entrepreneurs need nowadays more than productivity they have to prioritize and stay focus on the things that worth. It has become possible with all business apps in abundance and being a smart entrepreneur one can make a good use of them.

This article tends to describe the functionality of best productivity apps and let entrepreneurs use them in their everyday life while trying to run small businesses.

What is productivity?

The term is defined as ‘being able to produce something’. The concept of productivity in XIX century was based on the dichotomy of input vs. output and the XXI century brought us the idea of efficient vs. active. It means your ability to be efficient and at the same time useful. Having all these little gadgets nowadays all around us it’s quite easy to give them some part of our responsibilities as entrepreneurs and let them help us in the way of keep tracking and monitoring our activity, expenses, time spent, emails sent, reports done, blogs written, bills paid and many other. Let’s get into the brief ideas of what the best apps for entrepreneurs are.

– Business expense tracking apps

This is a very useful type apps for entrepreneurs who don’t like doing paperwork. Such kinds of apps do well with individual entrepreneurs as well as with small business and even with big corporations. What do they do and why everyone should pay attention to their functionality?

First of all the majority of such apps let your credit card be synced with the app settings and your spending and whenever you are charged, all information is pulled in automatically. I’ve heard that some exceptional business apps for iPhone do scan receipts and are capable of creating an expense report or many reports. With additional functionality these reports could be as detailed as you want them to be, they could be divided into categories and subcategories and even converted into PDF.

If your company has such employees, you could get a consultation with your company accountant and organize your small business app according to the templates uploaded.

Some expense tracking apps could be tuned to your boss’s account thus anytime you have to make a purchase, book the flight, the hotel or only pay for a cup of coffee your expenses will be waiting for the approval from the side of your authority.

– Apps that manage tasks

Sometimes you simply have someone or something around that is convincing enough to make you pull yourself together and start doing things right now. The majority of apps of this class are anti-procrastination ones in their nature.

Some software helps you to prioritize what should be done right now and what could be left for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and so on. Such apps should be clear and clean.

The workflow of the project should be obvious and classified if needed. Thus the average functionality of such business apps implies the existence of a couple of projects (up to 7) simultaneously and the ability to categorize their flow, i.e. create tasks inside the project and sub-tasks for the tasks. Eventually, your working interface should resemble a tree with many branches, and every branch is an indication of what you are doing right now and what else should be accomplished to climb to the top of it. Always have in mind your clear end-goal.

The amazing feature that such apps have is that they are synced across your devices. It is possible because they are cloud-based nowadays, and once you have the internet, you are back into the working process no matter on what side of the planet you are.

– Calendar planning and review apps

Never undermine the power of schedule planning. During the day entrepreneurs have to solve so many different tasks and keep track of various things in their heads that it is logical that they could simply forget about an important meeting or about an urgent call to make. Such little mistakes could cost you the whole business. We should avoid it by all means. If your calendar planned carefully, it doesn’t mean that every single hour of your day should be filled out. It will be enough if only you start taking this seriously and start using apps that help to synchronize your calendars, for example, Google and Outlook ones and send you invitation every single time something in any of them is changed.

If you have a small business, make sure that the business apps you are using let all calendars of all your employees be synced. Calendars should be shareable and easily accessible.

In additional to schedule planning apps use other applications for small business, for example letting you get reviews performed. Don’t forget to set up the intervals you would like to receive the reviews on the amount of work done. It could be done on a daily or weekly basis, once a month and so on.

– Communication apps

If you ask someone what are the best business apps for communication I don’t think anyone will bring Snapchat or Instagram to the table? Don’t think that even Facebook will be at the top of the list. Apps for business communication shouldn’t be interactive though rather delightful. It could have a pic of the chat participant, but that’s it.

Try to create the atmosphere of trust and let your business partners make the conversation flow. Some of the communication apps have the minor functionality of task assignment and even supervision. So, this is a real point in letting your small business grow with the help of best business apps developed correctly for you.

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