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Interactive online 3DMap built with Unity3D

15.08.2016 Margaret Geras
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Interactive online 3DMap built with Unity3D

Perhaps, you know that the popular engine Unity 3D is a perfect tool for creating games. However, it is not limited to games only. The engine allows you to create a variety of three-dimensional presentations.

How can it be useful? For example, using Unity3D you can create an engaging visual presentation that  allows a user to change the graphics on the fly.


Unity is a tool for development of 2D and 3D applications and games. Unity 3d development allows creating quality graphics that can be displayed both on the mobile phone and PC. A distinctive feature of the tool is a cross-platform factor. It means that games created on Unity 3D can be played on various devices, whether they are mobile gadgets with such OS as Android, Windows Phone, iOS, or computers running on Windows, Linux, Mac. In addition, games on the Unity 3D are compatible with playing consoles as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii. Thereby, creating a game, you can be sure that it will grasp the most of the users.

The Unity 3D engine used to be available in a free set. However, the functionality is getting slightly limited, but there is an opportunity to spread the game in case of the annual income of the game does not exceed $100 000.

Besides the free version, there are 4 sets, such as Standard Unity, Unity iOS Pro, Android Pro and teamwork license. They have some differences in cost, functionality, and sharpened for a certain platform.

When Unity 5 released, the free version of many restrictions was removed, but the limit of the annual income from all games still must not exceed $100 000.

Unity 3D business model

So, we’ve just given the common review of the Unity 3D technology, but, sometimes, it could be applied another way. Being mainly a tool for creating games, Unity 3D can be either used for visual presentations. For instance, in such field as a business. Really, don’t we use this wonderful technology to develop interactive business apps, charts depicting some working processes? We think, Unity 3D for business applications is the best idea coming ever. This is its alternative applying. Supposedly, you need to tell about a process and visualize how it works.

Recently we had a customer who needed to simulate an interactive 3D world map for a presentation. However, possibilities of input parameters technology are not trite, and Unity gives them a green light. The map allows you to edit the basic information about world countries. The information represents numbers. Here we have prepared for you an example of presentation. The map shows a level of oil consumption in different countries.

This map can be also useful if you, for instance, own several shops in different countries around the world, and would like to make a clear comparative analysis of profits per country.

Thus, the interactive 3D world map, we have created on Unity3D, can be used to compare different amounts by the ‘countries’ parameter. Numeral indexes are changeable and are settable by the user. This tool can be useful to create a video presentation of your achievements that you want to present to potential business partners.

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