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Virtual Reality game development: Plunge into another world

05.08.2016 Roman Krasnopolskiy
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Virtual Reality game development: Plunge into another world

The Virtual Reality is a term that appeared during an era of computers and a worldwide network – the Internet. The Virtual Reality is a huge marvelous world where a person can dip, looking forward to new feelings. The modern technology of Virtual Reality has begun with an attempt to connect visual perception to perception of the movement and a sound. The history of Virtual Reality has begun long before the first computer. At first, it was a summer fitness machine with the moving picture for running or driving the bicycle. It was very popular technology since 1929.

A glance into a history

Then, in 1961, engineers of PHILCO corporation developed the first helmet display, named ‘Headsight’. This helmet was intended for using in dangerous situations. The user could observe the real environment, regulating the helmet by turning the head. In 11 years, in 1972, a Movie Map of Aspen, stimulating a walk around the city, was created. Soon, Virtual Reality came as a computer system applied to the imaginary world creation. Further, Virtual Reality continued to develop, giving rise for more and more applications, games, thereby gaining bigger popularity.

Plunge into imaginary world

Virtual Reality opens new opportunities and expands fringes of consciousness. The gamer will be able to test anything that he has never tried in life, in Virtual Reality. Would you like to be a superhero? Do you wish to check yourself in an extreme situation? Do you have a lack of adrenaline? Or, perhaps, would you like to travel? Anyway, you plunge into another world, feeling not ordinary emotions with Virtual Reality games.

The world develops constantly, and VR games have a big break in IT sphere. Recently, we knew about them only in the theory, but world tendencies strive to expand the virtual area now. The development of virtual reality games and applications goes up over the last few years promptly. IOS, Android and Windows applications become more and more popular. Not only gamers are interested in the future of this sphere, but developers too. The society has accepted the Virtual Reality with huge desire.

Virtual Reality appeared in all game genres:

  • Action;
  • Stimulators;
  • Strategy;
  • Adventures;
  • Role-playing games
  • Educational applications, etc.

Applications programming in Virtual Reality used to remind experiences of alchemists which were available to a small group of people. Now, it has a big break; Virtual Reality applications are used in different spheres of life.

The main aim of Virtual Reality is entertainment. However, the VR technology is widely applied to different industries and even helps to solve business problems, questions of science and education.

Virtual Reality as a new format of media

Creation of Virtual Reality games is a new tendency of the modern world. The development of the sphere of entertainment involves the creation of new forms of media services.

The Virtual Reality application developer creates a three-dimensional environment due to:

  • Special helmets;
  • Glasses;
  • Earphones with the screen;
  • Virtual reality gloves, etc.

The Virtual Reality is like a radio or TV at an early development; a filling created for these new formats step by step. It can be compared to camerawork and mounting in the film industry.

As well as all new in the world, the Virtual Reality passes the adaptation of already existing technologies and finally takes roots in human life. Gradually extending Virtual Reality gives to humanity new opportunities of its using.

Virtual Reality: optical illusion

VR is an inordinate impression. The effect of presence creates feelings like you have appeared in another place, therefore the person can experience natural reactions and emotions. For example, you will feel a fear of height on high virtual break, if you see the ball flying to you, you will try to catch him. You will feel adrenaline in blood overtaking the car. Virtual Reality 3d divides feeling of presence on cognitive (mind) and perceptive (feelings). This has allowed to achieve a certain effect of mind tricks and perceptive deception. Deceiving the mind in the beginning, simulation of events will deceive feelings. If the virtual person saves you from imminent danger, you will smile and thank him, and you will also have other feelings and you will make other actions.

In spite of the fact that the considered technology is at an early stage of development, the sphere of virtual and entertaining services has a high potential. Each Virtual Reality app development company improves modern technologies, creating new opportunities for this area. Virtual Reality gadgets are already rather useful and effective tools in IT sphere. The extension of Virtual Reality opportunities predicts its growth. Not only now you can watch a situation on the screen, but also:

  • move objects, touching them;
  • perform tasks;
  • feel in zero-gravity or in the movement.

Virtual Reality will change the world

It is not difficult to guess that the Virtual Reality will become more popular than the latest 3D movie, the last iPhone or even the speaking robot. VR gets a second wind. The entertaining area will be developed into the trained and technical process. Design, architecture, the museum excursions will allow to learn more about the world. The Virtual Reality technology in the future will be able to improve skills of doctors via accomplishment of virtual operations; will train an emergency situation. The VR will be able to leave people’s phobias, to ease the pain, etc.

Though, Virtual Reality app development costs considerable money. This is what the world needs. It will also fill part of our reality, the humanity will be able to apply it in the useful purposes and to achieve great success.

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