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Web application as a helper in your business

19.08.2016 Anton Kulich
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Web application as a helper in your business

Can you name a successful and forward-looking company without extensive and intensive online presence? Be it a cement delivery, an apparel store, a conference, or banking, you do want to reach your target audience online. So, web applications are the means for that.

What is a web app?

To put it simply, a web application is about any interaction with the customer that happens in a web browser:

  • logging in the personal dashboard
  • subscribing to a newsletter
  • adding products to the cart and checking out
  • transferring money from one account into another
  • showing the content based on client’s geographic location or chosen preferences, etc.

You may recognize the tools you use on an everyday basis among these highly popular web apps: email web clients, Google Docs, website builders, online stores, online audio/video/graphic converters, CMS, social networks.

As you can see, there is hardly any area of business or procedure within a business that will not be better off should the web app be implemented to take care of it.

Benefits of web apps

Let’s look at some specific advantages a web app can immediately bring to the table:

  • Ubiquity. As mentioned above, a web app is run by a web browser, and web browsers are found on all types of computers (PC, Mac), all types of operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux), as well as on all sorts of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) powered by Android, iOS and the like. This platform independence means that a web app designed once will work perfectly fine on any device, regardless of the hardware and software, once it has the Internet connectivity.
  • Agility. Most transactions on the web are executed instantly (execute instantaneously), therefore, the result is delivered the moment you hit the button (or at least the confirmation and promise of the result is there). The psychological impact of this immediacy is immense – your client feels satisfaction right away, and with the modern world speeding up more and more, “here and now” is no longer a competitive advantage, but rather a subsistence minimum to keep up with the flow.
  • Convenience. With a web app, all steps of relationships with the client happen in one place: marketing, communication, execution of jobs/tasks, monetary exchange, customer service are all there in a single browser tab. Customer experience becomes more intuitive, and thus less stressful and burdensome, and your business becomes a one-stop destination to deliver valuable start to finish.
  • Unlimited scope. Internet-based relations have no boundaries – you may greatly increase your customer base by advertising your business globally. What’s more, you don’t need sales reps making phone calls in every country you want to establish a presence in. You can create a buzz in social media, assist prospect customers via live chat and manage orders and clients seamlessly using content management software – all from a single machine.
  • Traceability. When you interact with the customers online you get loads of potentially useful data: time they spend on each page, mouse clicks patterns, locations they live in, most used services/operations, etc. Use Google Analytics or export this information into the other analytic tool and get valuable insights to optimize and tailor your business to your customers’ needs. Make your marketing more targeted and personal, tweak user interface for better usability, forecast sales and adjust inventory accordingly – these are just a few practical implications of making business on the web.


There is an app for everything these days, even for creating apps. So there should be a good reason for this. And the reason is… performance – it works 24/7, it is devoid of human error, it is easily accessible and very responsive.

A web application is not an option anymore – it’s a must-have thing that opens new avenues for growth and development of your business while keeping it lean, user-friendly and highly efficient.

Anton Kulichenko

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