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Web Project management plan: up-to-date calculations

07.10.2016 Alexa Klimow
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Web Project management plan: up-to-date calculations

How to find the best web developer that is professional and the solution presented is cost-effective? Are there any project plan templates that could be used as a basis for your future dream-design?

All is plausible with careful planning and getting the whole picture united before you even start picking up the web development company. This post tends to shed some light on the process of web project planning. As the proverb has it, forewarned is forearmed. Let’s discuss how to make a product that is cost saving for a client and commercially viable for the company.

We will base a middle-sized project plan template based on the experience of building up informational, online catalog, e-commerce and landing web pages. All these four categories of products are very similar, so the pricing for the service could be more or less unified and calculated.

Working out the pricing for web development services

Of course, the pricing in this particular post will be based on an abstract example, but when you evaluate your own market and compare the prices of different agencies you will realize that the final sum will differ plus/minus 30% from the discussed one.

According to the latest statistics, the average cost of a web development project is $8.000. If you are a newly emerged company that wants to be profitable you’d better cut the price given in 2 and try to render the service at that price. So, it could be $4000 for the development of a corporate website.

The huge fat plus to your company could be the ability to use twice as little time to develop it. These two options will skyrocket your chances to be the chosen company for cooperation. Let’s say you could possibly do it in 20 days instead of 40 offered by other companies. This will let you become competitive in world markets.

Let’s take $25 for a man-hour as the market average price. 40 man hours will be spent to develop a web project. So far, sound very good. How to work really effectively and be able to turn the project management plans into life spending fewer man-hours, we are discussing later on.

Details of Web project planning

Now, our goal is to divide 40 man-hours into the whole developmental process. Depending on what level of planning/developing your project is, the team occupied differs. If it is a small thing you highly likely to use only a project manager and a seller, the bigger project needs additional content-managers and designers, etc. Let’s discuss the latter example of a bigger project.

  • Project-manager: 8 hours (according to statistics we put here 20% of the budget)
  • designer: 8 + 2 hours (one working day presents the mock up based on readymade solutions and we could spend some additional time on making corrections)
  • HTML layout designer: 6 + 2 hours (HTML layout design is made based on readymade solutions and we could also spend some additional time on making corrections)
  • Programmer: 8 + 2 hours (CMS connection functionality configuration + making corrections once testing is performed)
  • Tester: 2 + 2 hours (Testing before the project is shown to the client, testing after it’s laid out)

The mentioned above calculations could put an ironical smile on the faces of professionals who would claim that it’s impossible to create a good functioning website in such short time, but we believe we could do it. If IKEA could make the furniture that is super easy to assemble, then we could do the same to websites.

How profitable such development is

Make sure that the commercial value put into every man-hour corresponds with your business. To be profitable the prime cost should be three times less than the commercial cost. The profit cost of a man-hour is easy to calculate. Taking into consideration all the expenses the web development company has, its profitability should be around 10% (for fresh starters) and 30-50% (after 3-4 years of smart management).Project management plan reflects this tendency as well.


We figured out the cost of the products we could develop for the market. The commercial cost of a man-hour is settled, project plan template is made and even calculated how many people are needed to carry out the plan. Now, the most important is to fit into the man-hours calculated and intercept on the profitable level.

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