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What game genres exist

28.10.2016 Alexa Klimow
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What game genres exist

How can you imagine the world without video games? Who will be then sitting late at night until another quest is done? The world cannot be the same again. The gaming world is conquering the real one and with every new invention, such as HoloLens or other kinds of virtual reality means are making the gaming world too real sometimes. This post tends to highlight the video games genres existing and what is their impact on the modern world.


Action game centers different kinds of physical challenge, beginning from running, jumping, to crawling and even fighting. There are a couple of subgenres action games are classified into: platform games, shooter, and fighting games. Before you start a game you have to create a protagonist or an avatar. Every level of the game usually finishes with the challenge to fight a boss, some very strong creature that is hardly possible to overtake.


This video game genre has originated in the beginning of 1970s. The idea of the arcade game is that you have to collect objects or go to new levels. Some of the games of this genre have an unlimited number of levels and the player’s goal is to speed up to the maximum in defeating the enemies and collecting objects.


This is one of the game genres that are widely used in Education. The player has to spend some time to thoroughly planning and leading the heroes to the victory. The games itself has hidden tactical, logical and strategical challenges. Some games offer exploration opportunities and economic challenges. One of the most popular games of this genre: Civilization is used at History classes in the USA and many Western countries because it motivates the kids to learn something new and get the abilities and skills to plan.


The backbone of this video game genre is that the protagonist or the avatar you are playing with has to solve some puzzle-type task and explore the area. Usually, the game is based on some literature or movie, so then the goal of adventure is well-known for the player.


Unlikely to the previous game genre, it could be played with one or multiple characters. The team investigates the area and complete tasks to get the reward in the end. The rewards in the quest game usually differ. It could be the increase of your abilities or gaining some loot or finding out the treasure, or, actually, any of the combinations mentioned above. The quests classify into the following main types:

– gather quests;

– kill quests;

– escort quests;

– delivery quests.

Interactive Fiction

This is quite an unusual video game genre, and probably it was invented to the lovers of narration because to control the character the player has to use the lines of commands. Sometimes this game could be the ‘text only’, sometimes with the graphical part. It combines the role-playing and adventure game features making it the pure fun for those who enjoy this kind of interaction.

RPG — Role Playing Game

This game genre let players get immersed into the other world created for them. Usually, it could be based on the book or a movie because then the players know what they are expected to do to succeed. The trendiest game in this genre is probably game of thronesbecause the whole world is watching this HBO series and the fans want to be placed into the skin of their beloved character.


This video game genre is the perfect choice for boys and men all over the world. The character played is constantly engaged in the fighting process. The opponent could be directed by the other player or driven by AI.


This game could be played either from the first or third perspective and the main character is performing in the racing competition. The levels differ in the surroundings and the type of vehicles: sea, air or land ones. Sometimes racing games are classified as a subgenre of sports video games.


This is one of the most various and vague categories of video games because all genres tend to simulate the reality in this or any other way. In a simulation game, the surroundings are copied from the real ones and it is played in the form of training, making predictions and concluding some analysis. The most famous types are war games or hunger games genre simulations.


Sports games come on top of the list of video games genres. The game could recreate many kinds of sports: track and field one, extreme kinds of sports, team sports, such like football, volleyball, and even combat sports. Of course, some of the video games of this genre satirize, but it’s still much fun and real-world changing environments.


This is quite a specific video game genre that specializes on puzzle solving namely. The activities could include pattern recognition, logic, word completion and sequence solving, etc. The player usually has many attempts to solve the puzzle and could time as much time as they want as well. The classical example of the puzzle game is Tetris.

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