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What is T-Mobile?

15.09.2016 Olga Polev
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What is T-Mobile?

And why its success story matters for IT world?

T-Mobile is a major international wireless network operator based in Germany. Its subsidiaries under different brands operate in 13 European countries and USA. The company provides wireless voice, messaging and data service. It is one of the leaders of wireless communication in the world covering over 230 million subscribers.

T-Mobile is a fastest-growing wireless carrier in USA for the last four years and a 3rd largest player on the market. It is becoming a real threat to AT&T and Verizon, moguls of a telecommunication world. T-Mobile coverage map in USA is very vast, it reaches over 96% of citizens coast-to-soast. T-Mobile store can be found in any major inhabited locality, and T-Mobile customers are often described as the happiest by service quality among other operators. But it wasn’t like that five year ago.

In case of telecommunication company success is all about new services and technology advances, and here we have to recall John Legere role in the story. He was appointed CEO of T-Mobile USA in the end of 2012, and under his guidance company has undergone serious changes. As soon as beginning of 2013, T-Mobile presented an Un-carrier plan that became on of the biggest game-changers in the industry. Company announced it would stop contracts, moving to phone leasing instead, and offered a bunch of service benefits to its users. This plan paved the way for the whole company for years ahead, and lead to situation when T-Mobile location can be described is ‘everywhere.’ T-Mobile strategy is focused on empowerment of the way company deals with customers, colleagues and market, and one of success keys here are proper interactive social intranet software and customer-friendly mobile apps.

T-Mobile phones

So if to talk about a marketing campaign itself, the Un-carrier plan is offering streamlined plan structure with regular updates, no-contract policy, attractive pricing for prepaid phone and excellent customer service. It is important to understand a difference between prepaid and contractual cell phones for right understanding of this case. If using no-contract cell phone, customer should prepay certain amount of minutes and gigabytes per month. When user runs out of data, he or she can buy more. It is convenient, but it is important not to overrun your plan as charges are usually high. Contractual phones allow to forget about problems with lack of traffic, but they require more commitment: credit checks, deposits and long-term contracts.

Before 2013, contractual phones were more common, so T-Mobile prepaid phones changed the game. One of reasons why T-Mobile phones became popular is that a set of significant benefits come with purchase of a device. There are options that allow users to stream music and videos from several major streaming services without using ones’ data limits. On of the latest features allows to use any WiFi connection as T-Mobile tower. In other words, when you connected to WiFi, you can receive calls and text messages on your T-Mobile phone number. Company brings in such improvements on a regularly basis.

T-Mobile customer care

In today’s world carriers are battling over subscribers not only financially, but also by convenience of its services. T-Mobile is famous for its splendid customer care, and at the very core of it lays special interactive social intranet software that allows to empower the team and accelerate business processes. It is the hub for customer support, service and sales for internal usage. Around this engine is build T-Mobile online customer community, so it also helps to create a reliable image for outer world. This software was implemented in 2013 and streamlined workflow drastically since then. By rough estimates, this intranet software saved nearly $ 20 million for the company over three years.

T-Mobile apps

Another important thing that brought T-Mobile to its place is a several customer-friendly apps, and T-Mobile app is first of them all. It lets pay invoices, check data usage and access customer service just with help of a thumb. If to read reviews of users, they often mention that excellent customer service and friendly design of this app attracted them to T-Mobile. Another important sign of customer appreciation and technology awareness are so called T-Mobile Tuesdays, an app for different operation systems that allows customers to get presents every week. Company announced this app recently, in June 2016, but it is already a big success. This program offers general promotions and free gifts for every T-Mobile customer who opened an app on Tuesday, so company payoffs their customers for just being engaged in a T-Mobile world. Not a bad way to build a loyal community, isn’t it?

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