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What should everyone know about WWDC 2016

26.09.2016 Alexa Klimow
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What should everyone know about WWDC 2016

Good news for Apple fans all over the world, WWDC 2016 has gone, and now everyone could watch it online or read about it in the news. The specialists claim that if you compare Google and Apple software developer conferences you will see that Google had more striking announcements to deliver this year, but nevertheless we should not undermine the importance of this WWDC. At least the participants, who paid the real cost of a ticket of $1599 took it very seriously (check out the details at

Brief Overview

There were many announcements made about iOS 10 and its compatibility with Siri, Maps, iMessage, etc.

  • First of all, SiriKit was discussed. It’s a developmental tool that gives an opportunity to engineers create Siri-friendly apps and boost their functionality;
  • Secondly, Web services are able to receive ApplePay;
  • TvOS received a single MVPD sign-on;
  • HomeKit introduction also took place. It is an analog of Zuckerberg’s AI Home. HomeKit provides you with centralized control of inbuilt technologies at home;
  • Apple is still going into the seamless communication between all its devices;
  • Siri’s functionality is expanded on tvOS;
  • MacOS Sierra is welcoming Siri as well;
  • Finally, the release of watchOS 3 with facilitated navigation and major improvements in speed was also mentioned.

iOS 10

One of the biggest events, of course, was the release of iOS 10; its new features and upgrades. The breaking news was the opening of Siri. It gives developers better options of building authentic iOS applications that eventually will be working with Siri.

  • The new version of the platform has ‘raise to awake’ function, many notification means, extended ability to communicate with the apps and a 3D touch.
  • It has an enhanced machine word learning ability, Quicktype which also supports multilingual typing.
  • Maps were said to be also opened in the future. It will give many opportunities for developers to build apps with route search along function, traffic display, and dynamic view, etc.
  • HomeKit is announced to be a smart intelligence of your house, controlling all the accessories it might have: light switching, heating options, TV, audio, kitchen appliances. In the nearest future users will get the access to HomeKit remotely through the apps on their gadgets.
  • At WWDC 2016 iMessage Apps were also mentioned. Some additional functions were added: bubble effect, handwritten style messages, etc. Again, the top news was the opening of Messages to developers. Now, app integration into iMessage is closer than ever.

Let’s wait until this Fall when iOS 10 will be finally available.

WatchOS 3

  • One of the main improvements of WatchOS 3 is its speed. The updates now are performed in the background; that’s why the app could load instantly.
  • A little change in Design is also noticeable. Apple improved the navigation on their Apple Watch. A special dock is added to facilitate the access to the applications, favorite apps, frequently used ones are now at your sight and with one tap you can get them. WatchOS 3 is planned to have a Control сenter.
  • What concerns its messaging ability, Scribble is expected to be included, so users could use their fingers to create messages by typing on the screen rather than picking up from numerous templates.

Apple TV and tvOS

In September 2015 tvOS, an innovative Apple platform was announced, and The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 was expected to bring new features to the platform. Unfortunately, right now there were only a couple of usability improvements.

  • The remote app for the platform received maximum resemblance to Siri.
  • It became possible to search the movie by the category or topic using Siri remote.
  • Voice activation is now bringing you to the live channel broadcasting.
  • Apple TV and iPhone connection is automatized. The applications downloaded to the latter will automatically appear on the first one.

WWDC 2016 finally suggested resolving Apple’s ‘authentication problem.’ From now on, once you login you are able to get access to all application, so there is no need to login again and again. It became possible with the introduction of single sign-on for MVPDs.

Best Moments of WWDC 2016:

  • Siri is implemented on every MacOS, so switching through the gadgets is easier than never.
  • iOS is opening up for developers.
  • Many chatting related improvements.
  • AppleTV improvements.
  • WatchOS 3 is more useful than previous versions.

Worst Moments of WWDC 2016:

  • No new Macbook pros.
  • Some features, for example, split-screen multitasking on iPhone are still MIA.
  • Apple is not coming to Android.
  • Despite some improvements, Apple TV is still missing big features.



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