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What to expect from Android 7.0 Nougat

12.09.2016 Tatiana Kir
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What to expect from Android 7.0 Nougat

At the beginning of 2016, Google made another attempt to make Android OS more capable and competitive announcing the release of new version Android 7.0 Nougat. In May 2016 it opened some key features to be expected from the new version at the developer conference, but the release date and showing off everything new is planned much later. People say that showcasing of its main features will be in October together with the release of the next Nexus, while other companies will have to wait until March to incorporate Nougat in their devices. Those, who develop Android apps have already shared some novelties of the OS, and we can make a glimpse at them too.

Notification Pane and Quick Settings

Representatives of mobile app development sigh with relief as their products will be more clearly seen in the notifications. More color and space will draw more attention to them and consequently more information will be shown. There is also no space between panels now opting for a linear approach in design.

Another important novelty is a possibility to edit the selection of quick settings at the click of one button – the button is available right under the panel in the right corner, and there is no necessity to visit System Tuner UI.

System Settings

A makeover in system settings is an ordinary thing for each new version. Such novelties were also performed during the process of 7.0 Android development. The first is changes in the arrangement of the options; the second one is the presence of much more information available even without clicking on the item.

Split-screen multitasking

One of the main features that differed mobile phones from laptops was split-screen. New Nougat will receive a new feature which can be switched off by hitting a Multi-Window icon. Android device manager will split the screen allowing two different windows to occupy half of the screen.

Overview App icon and Direct Reply

Another good news for those, who deal with mobile application development, is an opportunity to switch apps quickly and smoothly using app overview. It works in this way: swaps two selected applications and allows to prioritize notifications from your apps.

It used to be rather annoying that you couldn’t reply to a message after you have read it in the notification panel. Google has corrected this problem letting respond to messages right from the notification tab.

Night Mode introduction

With the constant complaints on law battery, Google developers decided to introduce a Night Mode with several functions that may decrease the consumption of energy. Switching on the mod you receive:

  1. A dark theme;
  2. A screen that gets yellow tinted;
  3. Possible adjustments for screen HUE.

Security and Doze mode expansion

Both bugs in the OS and mobile apps development made Android users occasionally reboot their phones. At last, they were heard, and this necessity has disappeared in Nougat. 7.0 works in the user mode that is restricted and has such functions that inform you about corrupted files, block verification messages and protect all your personal data including passwords.

One more continuous Android problem was a battery that quickly gets flat. This issue is also partly corrected in the new version with the help of a Doze mode that saves power. In the latest Android version, it works in such a way:

–    Reduces background activity of both applications and services;

–    Enhances a low power mode;

–    Optimizes memory processes to require less power from the processor.

Remarkable performance improvements

Android app development can go to the next level with new 7.0 as now developers can create games with a larger frame rate. Users will get outstanding graphics while JIT compiler will allow them to install apps much faster. According to the Google spokesman, it will be 75% faster than previously. This means that Android 7.0 Nougat will be perfect for more powerful applications and have much fewer bugs than previous versions.

These are only some of the novelties suggested by Google corporation in the new version of Android OS. Following its long-lasting tradition to call Google products with some sweet names we hope that users will receive not only a new sweetener but also much pleasant experience dealing with the new platform.

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