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What You Need to Know About Deploying Chatbots

15.05.2020 Alexey Grakov
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What You Need to Know About Deploying Chatbots

Deploying digital solutions is something that you should seriously consider when you’re attempting to expand and grow your business. In ‘5 Ways to Use AI in Digital Marketing to Scale Your Business’, we talked about how AI can boost efficiency by providing alternatives to A/B testing, and lead to more targeted online ads. In line with this, Updatable explains how making easy website updates without any coding knowledge can lead to more streamlined customer experience: the ability to make visual modifications and fix any spelling mistakes on the go is the key to maintaining a positive business reputation. In addition, implementing chatbots on your webpage can further enhance customer support and assist with information retrieval. So, here’s an exploration of their various benefits below:

They can be personalized to suit your brand’s voice

In their earlier forms, chatbots were limited to giving one-dimensional replies and addressing basic queries. You should be aware of how some pre-programmed responses can frustrate your customers and make them feel like they’re speaking to a machine. However, an article by  explains how recent developments in Natural Language Processing technology have made them more human-like than ever before. For instance, they can be customized to give funny replies in line with today’s meme culture or adopt a more professional tone depending on your requirements. Small details like making your chatbots align with your branding strategy can give your business a competitive edge.

They can manage a high volume of queries

Due to the difficulties of resource allocation, customer representatives aren’t always on call when it comes to dealing with client concerns. In contrast, chatbots can provide you with 24/7 service so that basic questions can be immediately addressed. A Forbes article describes how 77% of customers have more improved impressions of businesses after chatting with them online, probably due to the “customer first” mentality. The ability to engage with customers and increase the number of clients you can reach at any given time is a massive bonus for your business. This frees up employees from doing more mundane tasks and gives you more peace of mind, especially during more stressful periods.

They are versatile and can help generate new leads

Chatbots aren’t just limited to dealing with matters related to orders and customer service, but can also be used to help advertise your business, as explored by Business2Community. There are chatbots with voice-based features that go beyond simple SMS, and can be programmed to respond in various languages. For new followers and subscribers, you can set up a chain of messages to introduce them to your product or service. Also, you should note that chatbots aren’t just limited to websites, but can also be programmed to work with smartphone apps, IoT products, and healthcare gadgets just to name a few.

While we’ve explored some of the main benefits of chatbots including customization, reliability, and versatility, there are also some pitfalls you should be aware of. Neuromation writes how they can be prone to mistakes, laggy, and occasionally glitch, so it’s important that you test all the features thoroughly and constantly keep your chatbot updated. The end goal of every business is providing customers with a positive experience of their brand, and advances in AI will help ensure that the chatbots of the future will be more responsive, flexible, and more comprehensive than their current iterations.

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