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Why do you need Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)

14.09.2016 Grazh Guzik
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Why do you need Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)

Sneak peeks of software updates, new functionality of Apple devices and other cool features that users will get to enjoy are all presented at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. For those who just heard about WWDC for the first time, it is a developer conference that takes place in California and is held annually since 1988. It only takes a couple of hours for tickets to get completely sold out. And here are the reasons why developers all over the world want to get there.

1. Apple labs

Even though the videos from the Apple WWDC are available for watching the next day, being able to be physically present and talk to the most successful people in IT is priceless. During WWDC everyone has a chance to talk to Apple engineers, ask them questions, discuss some problems with the code you’re struggling with. It’s also a great place to talk to Apple marketing specialists, who know more than anybody else how to make millions of dollars on a single app and who are willing to share this knowledge with you.

2. Meeting real life heroes

Even though not that many people around the globe know how inventors of programming languages, revolutionary designers and other heroes of the developers world look like, they are still big celebrities in their community and you can meet them at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. You can sit across the table with them, shake their hands and ask any kind of questions. How cool is that?

3. Networking

There’s the whole community of developers attending the conference annually, the outcome you get by talking to them is insane. All those people share with each other what projects they are working on, what problems they face daily, what kind of ideas they have in their heads, what programming languages they prefer and why. Not only you can make new friends there, but you might also meet your future partners, develop new connections and, find potential employees. It’s a great place to meet people who are so passionate about their job. Moreover, there’s the conference called «AltConf» for the developers who couldn’t get tickets to Apple WWDC, but wanted to gather with their community, being held just on the same day.

4. Working with the younger generation

Every year Apple welcomes young developers to their conference. This year over a hundred of them were under 18! Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is a great place to meet those inspiring human beings that you will be working alongside with in the future.

5. Inspiration

Sometimes you feel completely burnt out at work, we all have been there. But there, at WWDC, you get more than just the answers to your questions, solutions for the daily problems or useful connections. You get inspired! Being surrounded by thousands of developers all over the world, sharing your ideas, getting new prospects will motivate you like no any quote or movie possibly could. It will also bring the best out of you, give you a fresh start and improve your work immediately after coming back.

Some facts about Apple WWDC

  • The developer conference used to take place in San Jose Convention center from the begging and up until 2002 in the middle of May. Then from 2003 it started to take place in Moscone Center West in San Francisco and also moved to the summer time. This year another location was added to the list – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

  • Until 2007 Apple would only allow from 2000 up to 4200 developers to attend the conference, but then the amount increased for another thousand. Even though, it is still not easy to get there. It’s not that only the fastest can get a ticket – in order to buy it you should first win the lottery! First of all, the developers have to register for the lottery and then wait until the system tells them if they got luck. And it’s worth to notice that the tickets are not on the cheaper side. You have to pay $1599 in order to attend Apple WWDC and the $99 developer membership goes on top of that.

  • Every year Apple sponsors some students to get to the conference. Students are required to submit the app they are working on in order to apply for a scholarship and get a free ticket with covered travel costs. The minimum age to apply is 13, however this year the youngest developer was only 9 years old. It is Anvitha Vijay from Australia and what people say about her is that she is better at coding than most of adults. She taught herself programming when she was seven by watching videos on YouTube and completing online tutorials. Media expect her to become a millionaire in a couple of years from now.

Even though attending Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is expensive, it’s worth every penny. The amount of knowledge and inspiration you get there is priceless. It’s an opportunity you get only once a year and it is definitely something developers need.

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