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Why Python becomes popular

12.08.2016 Tatiana Kir
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Why Python becomes popular

Programming and computer sciences require a good knowledge of coding, and there are many languages used for this purpose. Since recent time, Java has lost its former popularity because of an introduction of the new coding language called Python. It has replaced Java not only in programmers’ work but also in teaching coding in the universities and colleges. All this happened due to several benefits possessed by Python in comparison with Java. Let’s consider the main reasons why Python has become and still gains popularity:

–    Readable code written in comprehensible English;

–    The simplicity of syntax;

–    Extensive library and large stable of 3rd-party packages;

–    Ability to run on any operating system;

–    Minimal requirements for the setup of Python;

–    It is helpful in correcting mistakes;

–    A big number of users, who can give a helping hand and answer the questions.


These are the main points making Python outstanding among other computer languages and it is vital to learn the details of each reason for it to be understandable even for people, who have never dealt with coding.

Code is written in comprehensible English

Python Web Development is the solution not only for developers, but also for people, who have no experience in coding, as all the instructions are written on their own line and involve only words. It is enough to print a command in the basic Python program, save it and use a “python” command to print your program. It means that work is mostly done by the program, not by a person.

The simplicity of syntax

Comparing to Java or C’s syntax, you may say that it is absent in Python at all. There are no curly braces, semicolons or any other syntactic symbols used in other languages. It means that even a person without linguistic or scientific background and special education can learn Python indentation rules and put more effort into right building or commands.

Extensive library and large stable of 3rd-party packages

It is ordinary for programmers to use existing libraries with codes that help to achieve a definite result. There is no necessity to write the simplest things from the scratch as you can use some ready-made examples. Python is provided with an extensive library which is moreover built in the core language. There are special packages for scientists like SciPy and NumPy, linguists turn to NLTK, statisticians prefer Pandas etc. There is also a large stable of 3rd-party packages too.

Ability to run on any operating system

Being a very developed language it can be used on any operating system used on modern computers and pocket devices. It is enough to point a browser at the website to receive a chance to work with Python on any PC. This program can even work on microcontrollers and small-form devices and it never stands in one place as there is the Python Enhancement Proposals that helps to develop the language by submitting reports to the developers.

Minimal requirements for the setup of Python

You can download Python from any reputable source and install in on your PC at the click of one button. It is also possible to start the program with the help of Terminal program on a Mac and the PowerShell on a PC having typed “python” in them and press Enter.

It is helpful in correcting mistakes

It is impossible not to make mistakes trying to use a coding language for the first time. Using other coding languages and having made a mistake you will receive no result, while Python displays errors each time you make it. It can also run a buggy program to help you to cope with any possible troubles.

A big number of users, who can give a helping hand and answer the questions

Apart from possible connection with the developers of Python, there is a team of programmers who call themselves a Python’s community working with this language. Many students, teachers and modern developers use this language on a daily basis, as it is chosen by most of modern universities as a key coding language. It means that if you lack experience, you can always ask questions on most of computer forums and definitely you will receive the answer.

Python is the easiest and the best computer language that has ever been invented. It is used by millions of modern computer users both professionally and by amateurs. There are thousands of computer users who managed to learn the basic skills of this language on their own and are able to compose their own programs without problems. It is widely used even in schools, where students learn basics of programming, and what is more important it is the main language used by programmers for constant development of IT sphere.

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