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Paul W Evans, South Africa

Member since September 12, 2017
Paul has spent all ten years of his career in data. Data automation, process, warehousing, analytics, and business intelligence are just some of the many roles Paul has filled to help companies improve and even get to the cutting edge. Want to reduce your reliance on... Click to continue

Paul B. Felix, United States

Member since January 21, 2016
Paul has over 17 years of experience building business intelligence and data warehouse solutions. He is a SQL Server platform expert and has implemented many business intelligence and data integrations solutions across a variety of industries. Paul is the founder an... Click to continue

Yuriy Margulis, United States

Member since June 19, 2016
Yuriy is a data specialist with over 15 years of experience in data warehousing, data engineering, big data, and business intelligence. Over the years, he has worked on 5 large data warehouses for prime internet, media, and entertainment companies. In addition, he ha... Click to continue

Jennifer Aquino, Australia

Member since October 27, 2016
Jennifer has five years of professional experience as a data analyst delivering reporting solutions to global teams and maintaining systems delivery and compliance in a trading and brokerage company now merged with Societe Generale. Prior to that, she created interna... Click to continue

Roderick Lee, United States

Member since August 22, 2017
Rodrick is an information management expert who specializes in business intelligence and data development. He’s fully versed in all aspects of the data warehouse lifecycle: data design, ETL, reporting, installation, implementation, and administration. Rodrick is seek... Click to continue

Brian Shurley, United States

Member since December 16, 2015
Brian is an expert data architect and well-rounded technology professional. For the last 15 years, he's created and implemented many projects with information technologies. He would like to continue to apply his skills and experience to help companies solve their big... Click to continue

Jakub Kaczanowski, Australia

Member since June 6, 2017
Jakub started taming data 13+ years ago building Access databases in the oil and gas sector. He is now Head of Technology at a financial analytics startup and has been everything in between. An expert at BI and data warehouse architecture and development, Jakub is mu... Click to continue

Jorge Ramirez, Peru

Member since April 19, 2017
Jorge is a business intelligence consultant with more than nine years of experience. He has knowledge of the full process of business intelligence projects from analysis, requirement gathering, design BI architecture environment, database modeling, KPI and PI indicat... Click to continue