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Brand Design

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Brand Illustration 101: Visualizing the Narrative

by Micah Bowers

A brand is a promise. This article outlines how illustrations are being used to express brand value and how businesses are investing substantial time and resources into extensive brand illustration systems.

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New Realities: VR, AR, MR, and the Future of Design

by Himanshu Bharadwaj

By leveraging new and emerging technologies like AI, AR, VR, and MR, designers have fresh and exciting opportunities ahead in designing future products.

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30 Days of Design – A Branding Case Study

by Ivona Petrovic

We’ve all picked up design projects that required us to deliver outstanding results under severe time constraints. This branding case study breaks down the process of how to accomplish it effectively.

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Convert Visitors with These Landing Page Inspirations

by Kent Mundle

Landing pages are an essential part of the digital sales funnel. These landing page examples are a great resource for designers looking to help clients convert website visitors into paying customers.

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Let’s Redesign Facebook: 10 Inspirations to Get You Started

by Kent Mundle

Facebook is a popular product for designers to redesign, since virtually everyone knows the interface. But that makes it controversial, as most designers have strong opinions on how to improve it.

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