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Daniel Nisttahuz

Life in Motion: A Guide to Animating Mobile Data Visualizations

By Daniel Nisttahuz
Animation can make data more comprehensible, engaging, and useful, especially on mobile. When animating data visualizations, designers should use motion design principles—and avoid common pitfalls.
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Micah Bowers

Numbers Shouldn't Lie: An Overview of Common Data Visualization Mistakes

By Micah Bowers
When designers prioritize compelling imagery over accuracy, data visualizations deceive. To communicate data with integrity, designers must avoid common data visualization mistakes.
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Tetiana Donska

The Mind's Eye: A Look at Data Visualization Psychology

By Tetiana Donska
Data visualization is an excellent way to tell a story about data. But are there best practices? When designing with data, there is much to be gained from exploring data visualization psychology.
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Cameron Chapman

A Complete Overview of the Best Data Visualization Tools

By Cameron Chapman
When dealing with data sets that include hundreds of thousands or millions of data points, automating the process of data visualization makes a designer’s job significantly easier.
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Mayra Magalhaes Gomes

Data Visualization: Best Practices and Foundations

By Mayra Magalhaes Gomes
Data visualization is a coherent way to visually communicate quantitative content. Depending on its attributes, data may be represented in different ways, such as line graphs and scatter plots.
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Stelian Subotin

Dashboard Design: Considerations and Best Practices

By Stelian Subotin
Dashboards are a unique and powerful way to present data-based intelligence using data visualization techniques. This post looks at the fundamental principles that lie at the heart of every successful dashboard design.
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