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Design Talks: Remote Working as a Digital Nomad Freelance Designer

by Luboš Volkov

We chat with Toptal Design Lead Lubos Volkov—who’s worked remotely his whole career—about tips and strategies for balancing life, work, and the pleasure of a remote setting.

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Yours Truly, Freelance Design Advice

by Micah Bowers

It wasn’t easy, but you looked uncertainty in the eye and made the biggest bet of your career. Now what? We’ve got an encouraging word for new freelancers and anyone who’s braved self-employment.

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Pinterest for Designers – An Overview

by Cameron Chapman

When it comes to social media for designers, the first site that comes to mind is Instagram. But designers shouldn’t overlook the second-most-popular image-based social network: Pinterest.

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Free eBooks All Designers Should Read

by Michael Abehsera

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a book contains that and more. These free eBooks may help designers grow as professionals, improve their skills, and expand their field of knowledge.

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The Gap Between Developers and Designers is Disappearing

by Michael Abehsera

Not so long ago, implementing a design according to a designer’s final deliverable was a nightmare. Today, new prototyping tools are helping the gap disappear between designers and developers.

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10 Videos All Designers Should Watch

by Bree Chapin

From the great industrial designer Dieter Rams explaining his principle of design to Adam Grant discussing the habits of original thinkers, we’ve curated a list of our favorite design videos.

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