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Ravi Talajiya

The Allure and Impact of Minimalist UX Design

By Ravi Talajiya
Minimalism is a prevalent design approach, but putting its principles into practice is challenging. Follow these minimalist UX design strategies to build frictionless digital products that help users reach their goals.
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Pilar Rios Niño

For Your Health: 5 Tips and Strategies for Wellness Branding

By Pilar Rios Niño
The health and wellness industry is booming, creating opportunity—and a competitive market. Wellness businesses can apply these branding best practices to stand out and connect with customers.
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Gemma Busquets

Designing GitHub’s Octoverse: A Data Visualization Case Study

By Gemma Busquets
Designer Gemma Busquets shares how she created a responsive website and 20+ engaging charts and graphs for the software development platform’s annual report.
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Beatriz Garcia de Prado

Medical Billing Reimagined: A UI/UX Case Study

By Beatriz Garcia de Prado
Toptal designer Beatriz Garcia de Prado explains how she built a digital product to replace the outdated paper forms doctors were sending to insurance companies.
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Brian Pagán, MSc, PDEng

Digging Deeper: A Practical Guide to Creative Empathy for Product Design

By Brian Pagán, MSc, PDEng
Master creative empathy techniques to help you understand what other people want and need, then apply these skills throughout the design process to create products that resonate with people.
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Guoming Xu

Designing Remote Ideation Workshops for Startups

By Guoming Xu
Remote ideation workshops help companies address business-related problems through creative exercises that prioritize speed, teamwork, and innovative thinking.
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Abigail Beshkin

Building and Scaling a Design System in Figma: A Case Study

By Abigail Beshkin
Building a design system for a multinational company means cataloging every component in meticulous detail. It’s a massive undertaking that calls for both a big-picture view and a focus on specifics. Here's how one design system team leader accomplished it.
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Liz Entman

Apple Arcade's Lumen: A Promotional Art and Logo Case Study

By Liz Entman
By embracing skeuomorphic design and retouching 3D assets in Photoshop for extra detail, Predrag Markovic created an icon and logo that stand out from other games in the Apple Arcade.
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Micah Bowers

The Ultimate Experience: A Guide to the Principles of Sensory Design

By Micah Bowers
Digital design routinely ignores neurological factors beyond sight. Sensory design principles emphasize the interconnection of human perception and prompt designers to explore non-visual solutions.
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