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Jorge Gonzalez Miksi

You Be You: Creating Content for the Gen Z Design Aesthetic

By Jorge Gonzalez Miksi
Today’s young adults have enormous buying power, but they’re choosy shoppers with particular tastes. Understanding what drives their purchasing decisions can help you design content that resonates with Gen Z.
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Abigail Beshkin

What’s Below the Surface: A Look at UX in the Beauty Industry

By Abigail Beshkin
Innovations in tech and shifts in consumer behavior are changing the cosmetics and skin care business. Here’s how designers in beauty UI and UX are adapting to the new trends.
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Micah Bowers

Visual Shelf Life – Why Web Design Illustrations Go Stale

By Micah Bowers
Illustration makes the web a brighter place, but there’s a risk it will grow stale. We explain how designers can avoid imitation with web design illustrations that give clients a competitive edge.
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Olha Bahaieva
By Olha Bahaieva
The best UI trends are visually appealing while improving the usefulness and overall UX of a digital product. 2019 introduced some amazing UI design trends that will continue to be seen through 2020.
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Miklos Philips

Prominent Design Conferences 2020

By Miklos Philips
Even the sharpest designers need to explore new ideas, learn about new techniques, and draw inspiration from other creatives to stay on top. We present a list of the most prominent design conferences to consider attending in 2020.
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Miklos Philips
By Miklos Philips
Every year, popular UX design trends emerge and become popular because they provide better user experiences. This retrospective explores some of the most interesting and effective ones from 2019.
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Micah Bowers

The Designer's Edge – An Overview of Photoshop Plugins

By Micah Bowers
Photoshop plugins increase functionality and efficiency. But there’s a problem. With so many options, it’s hard to know which are worthwhile. So, we’ve curated the finest Photoshop plugins available.
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Micah Bowers
By Micah Bowers
We’ve identified 20 emerging design trends for 2020, but we’re not just naming fonts and colors. We’re showcasing game-changers that will define our experiential landscape for the year to come.
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Cameron Chapman

Toptal Design Blog Color of the Year 2020

By Cameron Chapman
The Toptal Design Blog’s Color of the Year 2020 aims to bring hope and positivity to the coming year, while also helping designers (and those they design for) connect with nature and stay grounded.
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