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Majo Puterka

Another Dimension, New Mastery: An Isometric Illustration Tutorial

By Majo Puterka
How can inexperienced illustrators build their skills (and hopefully land more clients)? Look no further than this refreshingly fun isometric illustration tutorial.
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Micah Bowers

Visual Shelf Life – Why Web Design Illustrations Go Stale

By Micah Bowers
Illustration makes the web a brighter place, but there’s a risk it will grow stale. We explain how designers can avoid imitation with web design illustrations that give clients a competitive edge.
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Micah Bowers

Brand Illustration 101: Visualizing the Narrative

By Micah Bowers
A brand is a promise. This article outlines how illustrations are being used to express brand value and how businesses are investing substantial time and resources into extensive brand illustration systems.
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Wojciech Dobry

Creating Mind-Bending Illustrations with Sketch and Looper in No Time

By Wojciech Dobry
An image is worth a thousand words. Learn how to create outstanding illustrations with the Sketch plugin Looper.
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Tidjane Tall

A Step-by-step Guide to Designing Custom Illustrations Without Any Drawing Skills

By Tidjane Tall
Many designers shy away from making their own illustrations because they don't have conventional drawing skills. We show you how to make custom illustrations, no sketching skills needed.
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